Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gandolfini will be honored at The Gothams...

It's no secret how I feel about James's beautiful performance in 'Enough Said'.  I've labeled it brilliant and currently consider it the finest performance of the year, in any category.  He was so natural and beautifully sincere in every frame.  I've also been pretty vocal about how I feel his Oscar chances are, and if you are new to this conversation; I'm predicting him.  

It looks like he's getting a boost in this race thanks to The Independent Gotham Awards, who announced that they will be giving him a posthumous tribute when the Awards are held on December 2nd.  While these are the Gotham Awards (very little impact on the overall race), this proves that the buzz surrounding him is still very much alive.  Yes, this honor has a lot to do with his unfortunate passing earlier this year and the fact that his career has shown such range, especially in the independent community, but it certainly keeps his name in the race.

Yes, the category this year is crowded, but this is the PERFECT performance to honor his legacy with, and I think that Oscar voters are very aware of that.

Also, this is beautiful and how I feel many voters will be feeling while filling out their ballots.


  1. I'm starting to think he'll get nominated, especially with fringe contenders like Bruhl and Abdi being very uncertain. He could even get in over Leto.

    1. With the reviews and role that Leto is getting, I actually see him the safest bet for a nomination, even over Fassbender, and my money is on him for the win unless sympathy votes sway the win to Gandolfini or a vet with a surprise nom (Ford, God forbid).

      But I think Gandolfini is in a better position than Hanks, Bruhl, Abdi...and well, pretty much everyone outside of Leto and Fassbender.

    2. Really? Hmm. I have Fassy and Hanks ahead of Leto, but you might be right.

    3. Leto's role is just so damn sympathetic, and the baity aspect doesn't end there. The deglam, complete transformation, gimmick aspect (transgender) and the fact that All of that really lays in on thick. This is the role that wins were made for. Sure, Fassy has the stronger film, but his role is also VERY brutal and that could be a turnoff.

    4. All valid points, but I still think Leto's outsider status slightly hurts him. Of course, he could win like Mo'Nique did.