Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Breaking Emotions: Smiles & Thrills

Alright, so this weeks’ worth of emotions are up (they’ve been up since Monday) and I’ve been trying to piece together not only my scenes but my thoughts on each.  With ‘smiles’ and ‘thrills’ being the contrasted emotions (I love this idea of providing contradictions as pairings) I started to see real similarities between the two.  Smiling is a feeling that accompanies many of our personal emotions, and so pinpointing those moments was a lot of fun.

Here you go Mettel Ray; let’s get this party started!

When I think of smiles, I usually think of the scenes in films that touch that special place in my heart.  I am a sap (I prefer the term ‘hopeless romantic’) and so any depiction of human happiness tends to cause those corners of my mouth to turn up and that smile to stick to my face.  The thing is that I don’t usually associate ‘laughing’ with ‘smiles’, even though you can’t laugh without smiling (try it, I dare you).  So, when thinking over these scenes, I went with scenes that delighted my heart more than my funnybone, because to me, a real genuine smile is deeper than a laugh.

I decided to steer clear of the countless Disney movies that cause me to smile from start to finish for pure nostalgic reasons only because, well, they are so damn obvious to me (especially coming from this angle) and I had three specific scenes (trying to narrow down scenes in those Disney movies was HARD) that make me smile just thinking about them; so I had to go with these.

3) The Smiling Lieutenant

This particular scene just drips with charm, and within the context of the film it really is just ‘special’. (Sadly, it wouldn't embed...) 

2) Romeo + Juliet

Very few moments in film history are as memorable as this particular scene, and very few ‘romantic’ moments grab at my heartstrings like this one.

1) Band of Outsiders

No other scene I’ve ever seen has been etched in my memory like this one.  This scene is just so SPECIAL and it makes me smile just thinking about it.

Oh, the thrill of the film experience.  There are many films that capitalize on the fact that certain films and scenes in general can and will cause you to ‘sit at the edge of your seat’.  But more than that, some films are actually able to embody the very essence of excitement, and this kind of plays into the whole ‘smile’ aspect as well, because for me these thrilling moments actually bring a smile to the face; because there is something almost magical about the whole experience.  When I think if thrilling, I don’t immediately go to ‘scary’ or even ‘intense’ but think about the feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me that what I’m seeing right now is ‘total movie magic’.

With that in mind, these are the three I came up with:

3) The Neverending Story

As a child, there were no single scenes that made me smile, cheer and ‘sit at the edge of my seat’ like this scene of childish validation and complete joyful abandon!

2) The Raiders of the Lost Ark

I mean, need I say more?

1) Jurassic Park

This was kind of no contest.  Even today, this scene sends shivers of excitement down my spine.  Yes, the first time you see the T-Rex is pure movie magic, but this kitchen scene is one of the greatest scenes in movie history; period!

I can’t wait till next week!


  1. Again, nice picks man. As much as I love that scene from Band of Outsiders, I wish I loved the overall film more. Still, it's very memorable. Ugh, I really need to watch The Smiling Lieutenant.

    1. It's been a few years since I've seen Band of Outsiders, but I remember being completely charmed over by it.

      You really DO need to see The Smiling Lieutenant. It's one of my all time favorites (I think you know that) and has recently jumped back into my top ten. In fact, I really should repost my top ten...especially since some changes have been made.

    2. Maybe I'll add it to my 2014 Blind Spot list, unless I get to it in the next few weeks. Yes, you should post your updated top ten! Ha, mine changes almost on a weekly basis. I probably wouldn't put Eyes Wide Shut in there now, but that might change tomorrow. :/

    3. LOL, it's funny you should mention the Blind Spot Series...


  2. Great choices! I've never actually seen The Smiling Lieutenant or Band of Outsiders, but those clips do look really sweet. I love that you picked Jurassic Park, that movie is still so cool in my opinion. That came out at the perfect time for me - a kid being into dinosaurs.

    1. See them! I can't recommend The Smiling Lieutenant enough. I love Godard more than many, so my pimping of Band of Outsiders may be met with...not so much excitement, and I admit that it isn't my favorite Godard, but it is charming as hell and a lot of fun to watch.

      And yes, I'm with you 100% on Jurassic Park!