Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blind Spot Series: 2014 (I need your help!!!!!)

Here's looking at you, 1940s...

So last year I told myself that I was going to participate in the Blind Spot Series that so many of my fellow bloggers were having fun with, and then January came and went and I hadn't even taken the time to form a list of films to see and I just scrapped the whole idea and moved on.  This coming year, I really want to do this, and seeing some fellow bloggers jump all over their lists early has got me thinking; I need to plan ahead.  So, here's the deal; I've realized that my biggest blind spots happen to dwell in the 40's.  Out of all the film decades, it is the one I am least versed in.  I think I've maybe seen 40 total films from all ten years!  Yes, I've seen 'Casablanca', so don't suggest that one, but I'd really love to snag some suggestions from my readers here.  Help a blogger out!  I'd post what I've seen, but quite frankly I've seen so few that if you suggest 12 chances are I've only seen one of them.  So what are the 12 films from the 40's you think I NEED TO SEE?  I'll take all suggestions into consideration and get this thing kicked off in January with the rest of you.


  1. The Grapes of Wrath, The Philadelphia Story, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Big Sleep, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Bicycle Thief, Rope, The Third Man, Rome Open City, Possessed, Easter Parade, Double Indemnity, Rebecca, Meet Me in St. Louis, Mildred Pierce, Pinocchio

    1. Awesome! The ones here that I have NOT seen are The Treasure of Sierra Madre (that will probably make the cut, since I've heard it's a real must), Rome Open City, Possessed and Easter Parade.

  2. According to letterboxd, I've seen around 175 films from the 40's. (If it helps, I've seen less than 20 films for my upcoming 1945 ballot!)

    Here are 15 I'd recommend (in case you've seen some of them):

    The Shop Around the Corner
    The Maltese Falcon
    Cat People
    The Ox-Bow Incident
    Double Indemnity
    To Have and Have Not
    The Big Sleep
    A Matter of Life and Death
    Duel in the Sun
    Brighton Rock
    Monsieur Verdoux
    Odd Man Out
    Out of the Past
    Stray Dog
    The Set-Up

    1. I've only seen five of these! I really want to see The Shop Around the Corner too, so that one will most definitely make the final cut. Thanks so much. You should shoot me the link to your 1940's letterbox list...that way I can browse ;-)

    2. LOL, and I've only seen 3 films from 1945 (Mildred Pierce, Hangover Square & The Lost Weekend).

    3. Haha, I'm only at 17 from 1945, so you're not that behind. ;) Some days I'd list The Shop Around the Corner as my favorite film from 1940. Can't wait for you to check it out.

      Here's a link:

      You should get an account, as you no longer need an invite to join. It's always fun seeing what people are watching.

  3. Somewhat tricky to do without knowing what you've already seen, but here's some essentials - some of which have already been mentioned, some you have likely already seen...

    the best years of our lives
    brief encounter
    citizen kane
    gentleman's agreement
    the great dictator
    it's a wonderful life
    the maltese falcon
    mrs. miniver
    the red shoes
    shadow of a doubt

    PS - Don't forget to email me links so I can include them in the monthly round-up

    1. I've seen seven of those. I haven't seen Brief Encounter, Gentleman's Agreement, Mrs. Miniver or Shadow of a Doubt, but I do have Shadow of a Doubt on my DVR, so that one will probably make the cut as well! Thanks for the suggestions.

      And I'll be sure to send you the links.

  4. Let's see... Double Indemnity, Rome, Open City, Brief Encounter, Cat People, Stray Dog, Bicycle Thieves, and A Matter of Life & Death. I'm still in the process of finalizing my Blind Spot list for 2014 as I'm going to watch my next assignment later tonight.

    1. I'm thinking Brief Encounter will have to make it too, since it's Josh's favorite film from 1945. I'm also thinking Children of Paradise will make it in. I've been wanting to see that film for quite a while now.

    2. Great choices. I would've mentioned them, but I thought you'd seen them.

  5. The Lost Weekend. Ray Milland is spellbinding in that movie.

    1. I completely agree with you Connor. He was exceptional in that. You can see the list of 12 I settled on on the sidebar to your right :-D