Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Odd casting news of the day...

But can he sing?

So, I didn't see this coming at all.  I didn't even know that the idea of an Elton John biopic was being flirted with, but the idea of Tom Hardy playing the famed musician has me on the fence.  I'm an advocate for Hardy's talent.  I even give him a Fisti for his tremendous breakthrough performance in 'Bronson', but I never saw him as the Elton John type.  That being said, he has the chops to pull this off (he's tough, but he can easily slide into flamboyant) and so I'm interested to see where he takes this role.  I'm also interested to hear that this is going to be an extended biopic and will focus on his life and not a mere moment in time.

But really, I just want to know if Hardy is going to do his own singing!  I know that John is rerecording his own songs, but will Hardy all?


  1. I don't know if I can see Tom Hardy as Sir Elton but he's certainly talented enough to probably pull it off.

  2. I'm having trouble seeing this too. Love Hardy, he's incredibly talented, but this is so strange.

  3. I have learned not to doubt the ability of Tom Hardy to play anyone.

  4. Yeah... not feeling it. I hope Hardy proves me wrong.

  5. Yup I didn't see this coming too. I mean, really, how can Hardy do this?? I guess it's a challenge for him.

    -Andina (