Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is Kate Winslet the best actress of all time?

First off, I love this video in all it's tacky wonderfulness.  Kate Winslet knows her reputation, and you can rest assured she's in on the joke and stoking those fires here.  She's not serious, but in a way she is, and that's what makes her so wonderful.  When you base your career on a wide range of roles and critical acclaim, you deserve to think you're the best.

It's funny that this video was released now, because just the other night I was actually asking myself this very question.  I've been a rabid fan of hers for years (they call us Winsluts, and I'm totally fine with that) and yet in recent years I've found my love and adoration shifting to other actresses who seem more intent on stretching themselves cinematically.  When I think of the film choices that Winslet makes versus the choices I see actresses like Marion Cotillard making, I wonder just who is the better actress (or at least the smarter one).

But, for the record, I think that Kate Winslet would make the perfect Lady MacBeth.

Anyways, with all this doubt in my mind, whenever I see Winslet or hear her speak I'm instantly reminded of her legendary greatness (she's only 38 and yet she already feels like a screen icon) and she's instantly my #1 again.  I can't wait to see 'Labor Day' and I hope she's wonderful in the film.  I'd love to see her stretch herself a little more now, especially since she's already snagged her Oscar (I happen to adore her performance in 'The Reader', so I'm perfectly fine with her win), but really, her career speaks for itself.


  1. Hmm, let's see. She's pretty much been solid in a lot of her work. She can do drama. She's funny. She isn't afraid to do nude scenes. I would put her in that list but she's not Jena Malone aka THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!

  2. I wouldn't call her the best (reserved for La Binoche, of course), but she usually gives a great performance. I give her a supporting win for Sense and Sensibility, but it's been a while since she really wowed me with a performance. Looking forward to Labor Day.

    1. I haven't been truly WOWED since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but she's VERY consistent, which can get boring when you aren't daring with your film choices. Still, she's a legend and will be remembered ala Hepburn in fifty years, so she kind of earned this title.

    2. I agree. She might not even make my top 10 actresses list, but she'll be in that revered company for sure.