Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fisti Updates: 1967 has begun!

Feeling the heat?

So, moving along with the Fisti Awards, 1967 has begun.  I only have the first five categories posted.  Those categories are Picture, Director, Film Editing and the Screenplays.  1967, next to 1939, is probably the best year for film ever, and yet it is one of those years where Oscar seemed to botch everything up.  Their top five were Bonnie and Clyde, Doctor Dolittle, The Graduate, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and In the Heat of the Night.  Of those five, only one of them makes my ballot and the other four don't even factor into my top twelve.  That isn't to say that they aren't good films, but they aren't great and really don't represent how brilliant the year was for film.  What it does represent is the change in the industry, with racism, violence and sex (maybe not all) being the focal point of four out of the five films.

What are your thoughts on the film year?  What do you think of my nominees?  How many of them have you seen?

Next up will be the actors!  I'll give you a little hint.  Only two of Oscar's acting winners wind up nominated for a Fisti.  One category has four of the actors coming straight from my personal Best Picture lineup and two of them don't have a single Best Picture represented in the lineup.  Only one of my personal winners was actually nominated for an Oscar for this particular performance, although one of my winners WAS nominated for a different performance.

Any ideas as to who I nominate?


  1. Aww!! I knew I should've seen I Am Curious before I posted mine. I'll try to watch it soon.

    Love your lineups. I wish I liked Two for the Road that much. I think Hepburn, the script, and the costumes/production design are the highlights. The overall film just didn't grab me.

    Predicted winners: Robert Blake, Audrey Hepburn, Gene Hackman, Glenda Jackson

    1. You're 3/4 right now!

      And yes, you need to see I Am Curious! It was mind blowing.