Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An early look at the Documentary race...

I'm notorious for not watching a single documentary each year and basically winging my predictions based on what everyone else is predicting.  In fact, I rarely know what the documentaries are about when I predict them (I know, I know...bad prognosticator!) and so this year I'm determined to at least watch a few and start following this race a little more closely.  The International Documentary Association (IDA) announced their nominees yesterday, and while I've heard that they aren't the best source to actually 'influence' the Oscar race, all five of their nominees are eligible for Oscar this year, so it's a start.

The nominees are:

The Act of Killing
Let the Fire Burn
The Square
Stories We Tell

I actually have both Blackfish and Stories We Tell in my Netflix queue, so I'll be seeing them for sure, and I plan on seeing The Act of Killing when it is released because of the critical acclaim and fact that it is probably going to be up for Oscar this year.

How is it for you and this category?  Do you get your hands on many documentaries each year?


  1. Stories We Tell is in my Netflix queue as well, and I loved Blackfish. CNN has been re-airing it quite a bit if you get that channel.

    1. I just checked and apparently CNN isn't playing it this week, but if it pops up soon I'll be sure to see it.

  2. I saw four of 2012's nominated docs before the ceremony, but I usually only see about one of them, if that. I do the same thing when predicting them. Most of the time I only know what two or three of them are about.

    I want to see Stories We Tell and The Act of Killing, but I'll probably skip Blackfish.

    1. I'll be seeing Leviathan Monday. That'll be my first doc of the year. It looks amazing, and it is eligible for Oscar, so I'll indulge.