Monday, October 28, 2013

A Fisti Finish! The 1967 Fisti Awards are here!

It actually wasn't that tough, because once I saw 'I Am Curious' it was pretty obvious that it was the superior film of the year.  After that though, it was pretty hard to hand out trophies since there was so much deserving going on this year, and forget about actually narrowing down my actual ballots!  God, five nominees is just not enough sometimes.

Anyways, check out the full list here, and don't forget to chime in with your personal thoughts.  Next up is 1994, but I'm waiting on fucking Netflix to send me the remaining discs for 'Satantango'.  I refuse to finish up my awards until I see that movie, and I've had the first disc at my house for two weeks and the second disc still says 'very long wait'.  FUCK!  Like, whoever has that disc needs to watch it and send it back NOW!


  1. I can usually narrow it down to 5, but do you ever find that 5 is almost too many? Most years I have a strong 3 or 4, and I struggle to choose another 1 or 2, even though I usually love a lot of films from any given year.

    Also, did you watch IAC Yellow and Blue? Or just Yellow?

    I love all of your wins! I wish I'd found more room for Far from the Madding Crowd. Gah, your lineups are always AMAZING!

    1. LOL, right now I'm working on 1981, and I'm having that problem with my lead acting categories. I have a REALLY strong top 4 in both, but I'm struggling with my last nominee in each lineup because I 'like' four or five, but don't love any of them. I still have about twenty-five films I'm going to watch before finalizing anything, so that may change.

      I watched Yellow. From what I read, Blue is practically the same film, just without the sex. Who'd want to watch that one?


      And you are too kind. Thanks for loving my lineups!