Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kidman 'gracefully' bows out of the Lead Actress race, and 2014 earns another Russell Crowe title...

So long Oscar, see you next Spring...

I haven't once predicted Kidman this year, and I don't want to scream 'I told you so', but I never had much faith in this film past it's costumes and now that isn't even happening.  Yes, you heard right.  Harvey 'Oscar Hungry' Weinstein has pushed 'Grace of Monaco' to Spring of 2014, and I can only assume this is because the Lead Actress category is so tightly packed Nicole Kidman would have a really hard time snagging a nomination at this point, even if she was outstanding in the film.  There is just no buzz for this film, and with a race this tight you really need to build buzz in order to maintain buzz, and dropping a film in December with only moments to dethrone the likes of Blanchett, Streep, Dench and Bullock just isn't happening; not this year.

But like I ever gave a fuck about 'Grace of Monaco'.

Really, what has me the most bummed is that one of my most anticipated of the year, 'Winter's Tale', has been pawned off on next year as well; and a February release at that (which totally makes me question it's quality).  This is somewhat old news, but I just found out the other day and I'm devastated.  The ONLY good thing about a Valentine's Day release is that I get to see the film soon, but even that is of little consolation.

I'm begging you, please be amazing!


  1. Yeah, I heard about the Winter's Tale change a few days ago. :( At least it gives me longer to read the novel, which I bought last week. (Haven't started it, though.)

    The Grace of Monaco bump just annoys me because it's yet another Oscar contender (at least in Costume Design) that has been removed from the field. What really irks me is the change for The Immigrant's release. Didn't it already get bumped from 2012 to 2013? Ugh.

    1. I heard that The Immigrant might get released this year afterall!

      I can't wait to see what you think of Winter's Tale!

  2. No offense but it is a CRIME that they cast Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Sorry but no. Ugh. Terrible. Prepared to pre-hate it purely because of that.