Thursday, September 5, 2013

I can feel the pull...

While it may be true that in space no one can hear you scream, what the world will be hearing come October is Steven Price's marvelous score to the highly anticipated 'Gravity'.  The film itself is already garnering raves and is being labeled a masterpiece by many critics who have had the pleasure of seeing it already (lucky bastards) and some are even high on the film's Oscar chances in some big races.  I personally have been high on the film's chances and even predicted it as the BP and Director winner a while back.  I'm not so sure I am still in that corner (that trailer for 'American Hustle' swayed me), but for the time being it definitely seems like a serious contender.  What I am pretty confident in, and what I've been predicting for a while, is that this film is going to SLAY the techs, including score, which I knew would be essential to the tone of the film and these clips from Soundcloud only prove that.  Expect Steven Price to walk away with an Oscar this year!


  1. The trailers have me hooked. I'm trying to lower my expectations, but I'm guessing it's a masterpiece.

    1. The reviews all seem to indicate that very thing. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!