Thursday, September 12, 2013

First still from 'Maps to the Stars' has me readily intrigued...

Have ya'll seen this?  I don't know why, but everything about this photo has me really, really excited for what this film is going to bring to the table.  A Julianne Moore Oscar victory?  Probably not (this is Cronenberg we're talking about here) but if she can at least pull off a stellar performance in a non-shitty movie then I'll be happy.  The film sounds bizarre (don't all of his movies though?) but I'm 100% in here.  I only wish that 2013 would hurry up and end so I can get get my ass in the theater for this...and Noah!


  1. That's a film I really want to see as I love David Cronenberg and will be profiling him next month for my Auteurs piece on him. I just need to do a lot of his early films plus The Fly and Cosmopolis.

    1. He's not really a director I can say I'm behind 100%, because like David Lynch I see many flaws in his work, no matter how unique and admirable they are, but when he nails it he really NAILS it, so I'm really excited for this.

      And Cosmopolis was far better than I anticipated, and The Fly is possibly his finest film to date.

  2. Although I did not care for the last Cronenberg film i watched (Cosmopolis) I am still interested in checking this one out.

  3. I used to hate Julianne Moore and then after I saw her in The Hours I did a complete 180. This looks pretty interesting. Can't wait to see her in the Carrie remake coming too!

  4. Hmm... It could go either way, but I'm also intrigued.