Thursday, September 19, 2013


Fucking celebrate, bitches!

Well, it's about damn time!  It's almost October and I finally posted my Fisti Awards for 2012!  You can find them here, just scroll to the bottom.  It was a great year for film last year, and quite honestly I was ready to post these a few months ago, but I had to wait to see 'Amour' first, which turns out wasn't the greatest movie of the year and so it only factored into one race.  If you are on the AW forums then these ballots are probably anticlimactic for you, since I updated them on the forums as I saw more movies, but whatever.  I have images!  I didn't quite reach my quota.  I require 100 films to be seen in order to publish the Fistis, and I only saw 98, which you can see semi-graded here.  I know, I know.  I didn't see 'Cloud Atlas' or 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' or 'Kon-Tiki' or 'Barbara' but I just couldn't hold out any longer.  98 is good enough, and I'm really fucking happy with these ballots, so dig in and tell me what you think!

A little statistical note, the biggest award winner was not even in my top twelve of the year.  'Anna Karenina' walked away with four Fistis, proving once again that Joe Wright creates some BEAUTIFUL films that really shouldn't be ignored in the technical categories.

Overall, this was tough for me.  Four of my top five I consider masterpieces, and the fifth film is a favorite of mine based on pure bias and emotional attachment, and it still wound up being the second biggest earner, with three wins.  Those top four though struggled to outdo each other and I wound up trying to spread the wealth in order to award them all in different ways.  Hardest for me was trying to reward the four directors, and trying to find ways to do it without having a four-way tie.  This is one of the first years where I struggled here because I honestly feel that all four of those films are masterpieces BECAUSE of their directors.

Alas, decisions had to be made. 

Next up is 1994 or 1967, whichever I finish up first.


  1. Great job man! 98 is a lot of films, though. I think I've seen around 130-140 from 2012, and I still have some big gaps to fill!

    I love looking at the images you put together, even if I do keep track of your ballot on the AW forums. ;)

    Dig the love for your Best Picture slate. I'd give all 5 films either A's or A-'s, so I can't complain. I promise I'll watch Celeste and Jesse, Sparkle, and Hello I Must Be Going eventually. Your acting wins are awesome, and, though I don't nominate any of them, I love your Supporting Actor lineup. Also, I agree: Trintignant > Riva.

    Glad to see Wuthering Heights get 2 nods, and I can't argue with any of Anna Karenina's wins. Thrilled, of course, that you gave "Who Were We?" the win. I'm glad The Impossible was able to get that Original Score nod as well.

    Bring on 1994 or 1967!

    1. Just noticed that we only have 2 wins in common (Anne Hathaway for Les Mis and "Who Were We?"), but I love it!

    2. This was such a diverse year that I'm not surprised we only match up twice, but that is the beauty of personal awards! Anna Karenina is just so damn beautiful, I couldn't help but award it even if it missed my top 12. That said, I still gave the film an A, and Joe Wright was inches from a Directing nomination, so I really loved the film.