Monday, August 5, 2013

Five for the Fifth: My August Answers to Ruth's 5 Questions!

Well, it’s the 5th of the month, which means that Ruth over at Flixchatter has asked us yet another batch of five questions and I, for one, plan on answering them!  If you haven’t checked out her post yet, follow the link and do that.  Ruth has a knack for giving us a nice list of random yet intriguing questions based on upcoming projects, trailers, ‘it’ actors, recent releases and much more.  This week sees questions surrounding astronauts, slaves, documentaries, washed up actors and buddy movies. 

Let’s dig in!

1)      Thoughts on this project?  Who do you think would be a good fit to play Neil Armstrong?

Well, if you couldn’t tell by the phrasing of the question, the project in question is that of a biopic for Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon.  With his passing last year, it appears that Universal is planning on building a biopic around his life, and I for one am intrigued.  What makes Neil Armstrong such a fascinating character is not merely the fact that he was the first, but the fact that he has served as inspiration for countless children in multiple generations for so long.  The impact that his solitary ‘moment’ has had on the entire world, but especially our youth and our ‘dreamers’ is really unmatched in modern culture.  The idea of highlighting that is promising.  I’m a little hesitant at the same time and almost for the same reason.  This storyline is so rich with the opportunity to become way too schmaltzy and sentimental, which could cause it to be an Oscar magnate but also one of those wasted opportunities.  I want to see girth.  I want to see real meat and bones and real honesty here. 

I just hope that Ron Howard doesn’t direct this!

Now, as far as the star of the show, I’m totally against Viggo Mortensen.  I have little against him.  He is a Fisti nominee, so I’ve liked his work in the past, but I also find him too old for the part and too recognizable a face.  I’d really love for someone who isn’t well known or who is awaiting their big break to get the part.  This could be a real ‘moment’ for that said actor.  I’m putting my money on Sam Worthington.  I was just thinking this the other day, and I almost posted something about it (so yay for this question because it has given me a reason and a chance to sound off) but why the hell hasn’t he ‘happened’ yet?  I remember watching him in ‘Avatar’ and being completely convinced that he was going to have a HUGE career.  He was so charismatic, brooding and gorgeous.  He had it all.  The he did some shitty CGI movies and has basically been forgotten.  Still, he’s so talented and I want him to become the next Russell Crowe.  Besides, he is the right age (he’s 37 and Armstrong was 38 when he landed on the moon) and he looks the part.  The only thing would be the accent, since Worthington is Australian and Armstrong was American, but that is what acting is all about.
Squint and you can see it working, I promise you!
Get that accent down Sam, and throw yourself at the casting director.  You need this role!!!

2)      How about you, what are YOUR favorite buddy action flicks?

I’m just glad that I don’t have to talk about Mark Wahlberg.  This is such a loaded question because there are so many ‘buddy’ flicks and yet, I don’t really like most of them (or at least I don’t love them) simply because action films are rarely my cup of tea.  With that said, last year saw some really great ones.  I echo the love for ’21 Jump Street’ and would like to add some love for ‘End of Watch’.  Both films (very different in scope and tone) are great examples of buddy flicks that are high on the action yet don’t drop the ball in the other important areas.

My thoughts exactly!
3)      Speaking of recommendations, what has been the most memorable documentary you saw in the last 12 months?

I really wish you had waited to ask this question until October, since I’ve had ‘Leviathan’ in my Netflix queue for close to a year (in the saved section) and the film is FINALLY getting a release in September.  I honestly don’t want documentaries.  I know, it’s a major shame.  I’ve seen a few, and the ones that I have seen I have really enjoyed, but there are so many films to see that I often delegate docs as being ‘lesser forms of film’, which is retarded thinking, I know, and yet I can’t help it.  Hell, up until about five years ago I felt the same way about Animated films and, well, just look at my Fisti Awards and you’ll see that I don’t feel that way anymore.  So, in time I’m sure I’ll embrace the documentary.  I also have Sarah Polley’s ‘The Stories We Tell’ in the saved section of my queue, and I look forward to checking that out ASAP.

4)      What do you think of Chris Evans’ directorial debut film?  Does the film appeal to you?

I think Chris Evans is a terrible actor.  LOL, I remember after the release of ‘Captain America’ I opened my review of the film by saying that I was convinced Chris Evans was a superhero, but I was far from convinced he was an actor.  I just don’t get it.  Why are all these macho men with big muscles and no emoting skills given so many lead roles?  That being said, he does have charisma, which can carry you when you can’t act (just ask Matthew McConaughey) and so I guess I see why some of the world is blinded by his abs and his smile. 

Still, if he wants to step behind the camera and direct then so be it.  I happen to think that some actors make great directors because they understand the art of acting, which helps compose a film.  Now, I don’t know if Evans understands acting like he should, but he’s at least been around actors who do.  The premise sounds very much like ‘Before Sunrise’, which is a tad off-putting to me ONLY because ‘Before Midnight’ has made such a splash this year.  It almost feels like a lazy attempt to capitalize on something that is drawing interest at the moment.  Yes, it happens all the time, but still.

5)      Which actor or actress would you love to see getting a nomination come awards season?

Of what I’ve seen, Joel Edgerton comes instantly to mind considering that he was amazing in ‘The Great Gatsby’, but that isn’t happening and apparently I’m in the minority on that one.  Of the unseen, it would be awesome to see Fassbender and Ejiofor finally nominated, but I don’t see it happening.  I know that the trailer looked great and that it also looked VERY baity (almost too baity) but this is Steve McQueen we are talking about here.  Has anyone seen ‘Shame’ and ‘Hunger’?  They are not AMPAS friendly films, and while this does have a very Academy friendly synopsis (they like historical merits and slavery is big with them) early word on the test screenings earlier this year said that this is very dark and that it is not an Academy film.  When the trailer was released to an abundance of Oscar predictions, those who have seen the film chimed in saying that the trailer was VERY misleading.  So, I’m erring on the side of caution and thinking that Fassbender and a few techs may be all this film can pull off.  Fassbender is a hunch solely because he is playing a villain, and even when a film isn’t destined for any Best Picture mentions, the Supporting Actor category has been known to pull in a nom or two (look at Casey Affleck).

The potential this year for nominees though is great, and the idea that Cameron Diaz and Naomi Harris could be in the running, FINALLY, is a joy.


But who am I kidding.  Of course I want to see Russell Crowe nominated for his work in ‘Winter’s Tale’!  Having read the book, the role is a great showcase, but I have zero faith that the film will gain traction.

So that is all for this month.  I hope you liked my contribution Ruth.  I feel bad I couldn’t really contribute anything for the 3rd question, but documentaries are a serious blind spot for me.  Can’t wait for next month!


  1. Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for making a post on this man, it's fun reading your answers.

    1. "I just hope that Ron Howard doesn’t direct this!" Ahah, well I like Apollo 13 but I hear ya. I agree that Armstrong's story is so rich and not as 'vanilla' as people might think, there's a lot of dark moments in his life that'd make a compelling journey to watch. Oy, I totally disagree on Worthington though, if you want to see real girth and honesty, I don't think the expressionless Aussie is the right man for the job. I mean he's good in Avatar but in everything else I've seen him in he's sooo wooden! I thought he was the next Russell Crowe and believe me, I was rooting for him too in my early years of blogging, alas I don't see him as anything remotely close to Crowe, sorry!

    2. Ahah, well you might've skipped the June Five for the Fifth then when I asked about Wahlberg :D Y'know, I enjoyed 21 Jump Street, too, despite my not-so-positive feelings about the two leads. But the movie was a lot of fun!!

    3. Which one is Leviathan?? I remember seeing a horror sci-fi of the same name years ago. Someone just mentioned about Stories We Tell on the post, now I'm VERY curious!

    4. "…I was convinced Chris Evans was a superhero, but I was far from convinced he was an actor" Hmmm, doesn't that make him a decent actor though, that he's somehow convinced you he really was the role he was playing? ;) But it's ok if you think he's not a good actor, I sort of think that way before I saw him in Puncture, I actually think he's not as charismatic an actor despite his good looks, but he certainly is likable (unlike say, Ryan Reynolds or Gosling which I think of as smug!)

    5. I like Joel too, and he's an Aussie who I think has that Russell Crowe's intensity (even if he's perhaps not as charismatic on screen). I thought he was excellent in 'Gatsby' too.

    I hear ya about the trailer being too 'Oscar bait-y' but still, it affected me, made me cry actually. I think you made a good point about Fassbender playing a villain role that might actually get him a nod, it's such a different role than what we're used to seeing.

    Ahahaha, that gif of Bale and Amy is a hoot!! I think Amy's so overdue for an Oscar, she should've gotten it for Junebug!

    Thanks again Andrew, looking forward to your answers in the next edition! :D

    – ruth

    1. 1) I quite liked him in 'Last Night', but I get what you're saying. He seems to have squandered the potential I saw in him. Still, I think he has the talent, he just needs the right role to tap into it.

      3) Leviathan is a doc about men on a fishing vessel. It looks intense and brooding and is said to be a documentary made by men who hate documentaries and is said to play out more like a film.

      4) Reynolds is awful, but I quite like a lot.

      5) I can't wait to see what Edgerton does with his career!

  2. 1. Fantastic choice in Sam Worthington. A young Russell Crowe is a good comparison, and I'd also love for that to happen. Ruth's picture made me think of Jeremy Renner for some reason, but I'll throw him out for your pick!

    2. End of Watch is a nice addition. I had some problems with the film, but the chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Pena is great.

    3. Did you see Exit Through the Gift Shop or Senna yet? I'm generally not big on documentaries either, but those were excellent. I even nominate ETTGS for Best Picture!

    4. Haha, I actually liked Evans in Captain America. Hoping he proves to be a good director.

    5. That gif is priceless! I'm all for Edgerton, Ejiofor, Fassbender, Diaz and Harris getting nominated. Bring it on!

    At this point, I don't see Crowe getting another nod any time soon. At least he DID win one. Even Richard Burton didn't do that.

    1. I'm sad that you may be right on Crowe, although I have my fingers crossed for Noah. Aranofsky is hot right now, and on Oscar's radar.