Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Oscar Predictions: Costume Design

Something like ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ is bound to pop up here, so not considering it is rather dumb, but there is something in me that says ‘Oz’ is going to get the shaft for NOT being a Tim Burton film.  Only Burton is allowed to be gaudy and get away with it, right?  I have yet to see the film (eventually) but the costumes did look delicious, so I expect it to factor in somewhere.

After that, my two big questionmarks are ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, which could ‘Milk’ out a nomination, and ‘12 Years a Slave’.  With ‘12’ I just wonder if the film will get enough traction to land any noms, even technical ones.  It doesn’t have to be a huge Oscar contender to get noticed in a few technical spots IF the techs are that high, and they look like they could be, but I just wonder if the crowded year itself could be a detriment to the film’s overall embrace.

So, for now I’m thinking:

Costume Design
1.       American Hustle
These flashy duds look like loads of fun, and the prestige factor will clearly boost this in the rankings.  The trailer showed a LOT of range, and that is always a good thing.

2.       The Great Gatsby
It may have been an early release, but the costumes were beautiful and memorable and that is what we go for in this category.  They were also flashy enough to snag Oscar interest.  Lush, that is a good descriptive word for these.

3.       Grace of Monaco
The film could fail everywhere else and I still think that this is an easy get.  Draping such lavishness on the delicate frame of the luxurious Nicole Kidman is enough to give anyone dress envy.

4.       Saving Mr. Banks
There is plenty of opportunity to recreate styles and designs and give nostalgia an overhaul that this seems like an easy (and possibly lazy) place to reward a film that is sure to do well come Oscar season.

5.       The Monuments Men
While my faith in the film has faltered, the production aspects look stunning, including the costume design.  Period ware of any kind is like porn to this branch, they eat it up, and with this pedigree you know they’ll be watching this movie.


  1. I wonder about The Monuments Men. It looks like it could get the war film treatment and not get noticed here.

    1. I was thinking that at first, and then I remembered that Blanchett is in this, so there is bound to be a dress or two ;-)