Monday, August 12, 2013

And now I have to amend my predictions!!!

Seriously?  I just update my predictions for the month and this WTF gets dropped in my lap!  So now Streep is campaigning in Supporting for 'August: Osage County', allowing Roberts to be the sole Lead in the film.  This doesn't mean that Oscar voters are going to buy the apparent category fraud, but they just may, especially if they get used to seeing Roberts snagging the Lead nominations.  From what I hear, both women are on the top of their game.  I assumed that Roberts would be demoted to Supporting in favor of the three time Oscar winner snagging the Lead nomination, but apparently I'm wrong.  Time will tell.  At this point, it's either Streep in Supporting and Roberts in Lead or Streep in Lead and Roberts SNUBBED.  LOL, I'm just going to make a quick edit to my side bar and swap the ladies.  I still say they are both nominated.

The real question is, does Winfrey still take the Oscar in a cakewalk?


  1. Woah. Didn't see that coming. Streep for the win!

  2. To be honest, I think it might end up with Roberts being snubbed, that's just my opinion. I totally see Oprah winning for the supporting category, regardless if Meryl is nominated in the same category, just because she's Oprah and the movie is getting good reviews.

    1. Oh, I totally think Oprah has this in the bag at this point, Streep or no Streep. Streep would have a better shot winning in Lead, to be honest.