Friday, August 2, 2013

A Fisti Update!

Well, the Fisti Awards for 1993 are completed and up for your viewing pleasure.  You can find them here.  1993 was a spectacular year for film, one that I previously dished about here.  I haven't seen everything from the year, in fact I've only seen 65 films, but feel as though I've seen the bulk of what there is to see.  In fact, of the major Oscar categories I've only missed two films; 'Searching for Bobby Fisher' and 'Geronimo: An American Legend'.  I'm in love with this year, and my awards in particular.  I'd love for you to chime in so feel free to check them out and weigh in on your thoughts here or on the page itself.  

Next up, 1988.


  1. I love your ballot! True Romance in the top 5? LOVE it. If I did a ballot right now (I don't have all of them actually written/typed), it would probably knock Short Cuts out for the fifth slot. I might even be tempted to nominate Patricia Arquette. Glad we both give it Best Film Editing.

    Thrilled that Blue got a few nods, including that Cinematography win. (On a side note, I really MUST see Six Degrees of Separation.)

    Yay! Crowe and Fiennes!

    Forgot you loved The Piano that much, but it's a great choice and makes my top 5.

    I hope Willis hangs in there for a Best Actor nod in 1988!

    1. Willis is pretty secure in my top 3. He's not winning, but he's getting the nod. Those last two spots are rather shaky though! I need to stop watching movies :-P