Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Top Ten

My ‘Tuesday Top Ten’ is inspired by my catching the tail end of ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ last night and wondering just what the hell happened to Meg Ryan.  I mean, other than the fact that she jacked up her face to look like Michelle Pfeiffer’s evil twin, but where has she been artistically?  She was at one time the queen of the Hollywood rom/com, and she proved time and again to have dramatic range as well as those effortless comedic chops.  It’s depressing to think that her career has plummeted so much in the last few years.  You never see her face (dear god) or hear her name attached to any projects of merit anymore.  She’s in need of a serious comeback.  Hell, if Pfeiffer could get one (sort of), why can’t Meg Ryan?  Has she seriously gone the way of Joan Allen (jacked up plastic surgery spells the end of your career)? 

Sweet Jesus, I hope not!

So, here are my top ten performances by Meg Ryan.  She sadly hasn’t done a film since 2009 (who’s ever heard of ‘Serious Moonlight’?) and has only done television/internet since; a brief stint on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and some ‘Web Therapy’ episodes.

Sarah Hardwicke in In the Land of Women
Pamela Courson in The Doors
Carole in Top Gun
Kay Davies in Flesh and Bone
Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail
Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle
Dr. Maggie Rice in City of Angels

Frannie Avery in In the Cut

Alice Green in When a Man Loves a Woman

Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally


  1. Yeah, it's too bad her career has taken a hit in recent years. I'd love to see her get a comeback vehicle.

    Nice list man. Completely agree with your #1. I've seen six of these, but I really need to see When a Man Loves a Woman and In the Cut.

    1. Yes, do see them. Neither are perfect films, but she shows such range in both. Very complex and different characters that she nails.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, such an iconic performance. I wish she could find a comeback role soon. She deserves one!

    2. I don't think Meg wants a comeback, she's in her 50s now with millions in the bank and seems to be enjoying life away from the Hollywood rat race. I hope she enjoys her retirement.

      Anyway, I agree with your choices and I'm glad you appreciate the range she showed in some of those lesser-seen films.
      I'd include Hurlyburly and Addicted to Love in my own Meg Ryan top 10 and Flesh and Bone would be number one. She breaks my heart every single time I watch that one.

    3. I haven't seen Hurlyburly or Addicted to Love. I need to get on that. Flesh and Bone is a great performance and one I really want to rewatch. It may rank higher next time!