Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trailer Break: Saving Mr. Banks

Looks like it is time to change up my Oscar predictions.  The trailer for 'Saving Mr. Banks' (above) has dropped and looks to be a huge Oscar contender.  I'm not saying anything about quality here (the film looks as generic and cliched as they come) but you can't watch that trailer and not think that it is targeting Oscar with phasers set on kill.  This movie looks like Christmas on a stick and is going to murder the box office.  It is a glossy family film revolving around everyone's favorite person; Walt Disney.  Despite the fact that both Disney and Travers were not easy people to be around, this film looks to be that classic story of gruff exteriors being melted away through the power of childhood, and Hanks is dripping charm all over the place.  The nostalgic aspect mixed with the biopic deemed importance and the heartfelt schmaltzy charm being dumped all over this trailer have me thinking this is going to be this year's 'Finding Neverland'.  Remember that movie?  Yeah, it managed a slew of Oscar nominations, and I can easily see this garnering Picture/Screenplay/Actress/Supporting Actor/Art Direction/Costumes and Score.  My only question is, are they going to pimp Hanks for the Supporting Actor nod, or are they going to go with Colin Farrell, who walked away with great reviews after the film screened a few months ago.  

Yeah, we have a real contender here.  Dark horse people!


  1. Yeah, I get a Finding Neverland vibe too. Though, I've heard the film is much darker than the trailer indicates. It looks like Hanks will be up for this and Captain Phillips, but I'd love for Farrell to get a proper campaign.

    1. The trailer scares me with Farrell because he's not featured AT ALL...I mean, if I didn't know that he played the father I would have never known he was even in the trailer. I think they'll push Hanks in a big way for this, unless the critics and reviews make Farrell a focal-point.