Monday, July 8, 2013

Poster Break: Oldboy

So here we are.  The much talked about remake of the 2003 surprise cult classic 'Oldboy' has an official poster.  I have been VERY skeptical about this film.  Honestly, I find Spike Lee to be VERY hit or miss, mostly miss for me, and the idea of remaking such a widely known, acclaimed and beloved foreign film that is only ten years old seemed unnecessary.  I'm all for embracing foreign fare, and while some English language remakes work with the right cast and director, I mostly find them to pale in comparison to the originals.  Just read the subtitles people!  The brutality of the original film is something that most American films shy away from (Asia has that market cornered) and yet early word is that this film is even MORE brutal, so I'm wondering how well this is going to be received.  Still, this cast is exceptional (yay for Brolin over Smith) and this poster is BEAUTIFUL, possibly my favorite poster release of the year.  This is a still from the film itself, and an ode to the trailer that will be released on Wednesday.  This has my interest.  

I'm glad they didn't just go for a reincarnation of the 2003 poster.


  1. I still need to see the original, but I'm intrigued about the new one. However, I didn't even know Brolin had replaced Smith, which I agree is an improvement.

    1. You need to see the original! It's in my top 12 of 2003 and nabs two Fisti nominations (Score and Art Direction) and is THIS CLOSE to a editing nomination. It's a great film...dark and disturbing and totally unique, which is why this remake is so weird to me. I mean, it's not like Oldboy is some generic film from overseas that no one has heard of. It made a GIANT smash and even people who are not cinephiles have seen and loved it and champion it. There was no need for a remake, but word on the street is that Lee went all BRUTAL for this, extreme and darker (I don't see how he could have) so I'm intrigued even if I'm not expecting much.

    2. I'll definitely see it, but I'll probably watch the entire Vengeance trilogy when I do.