Friday, July 12, 2013

Have a link-tastic weekend!

So, I’m pushing off for the weekend, but I wanted to leave everyone with a good read so here are some great blogs with some interesting posts to check out today, tomorrow or whenever you so please!

Josh just posted his complete Oscar ballot for 1998.  Such a great year for film, and who can fault his love for ‘The Thin Red Line’ (one of Mallick’s finest offerings).  I have to say though, nothing made me more gleeful than his Neve Campbell nomination!

Hell Fucking Yes
Louis Morgan just posted his selection for the Alternate Supporting Actors of 1994.  I’ve just begun tapping into that year, so I don’t know what all to say except PLEASE LET BRUCE WILLIS WIN!!!

Nostra hit us up with the many faces of George Clooney.  I don’t see anything wrong with staring at his face, regardless of how you feel about his acting career.

Brittani just reviewed one of my FAVORITE films of all time; Lost in Translation.

Thevoid99 gave us a review for the latest Marie Antoinette film, Farewell My Queen.  If you haven’t seen it and still think that Diane Kruger can’t act or have no idea who Lea Seydoux is then you NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

Ruth drops a pretty good question on us; What movie surprises you most this year?  I haven’t seen much, but in terms of being completely surprised by my reaction I’d have to say Before Midnight, beings that I had little desire to see it, had yet to indulge in the previous chapters and yet wound up devouring all three films and loving nearly every minute of it.

And lastly, Jon Negroni posted his take on the world of Pixar, and I have to say that this is one of the most interesting reads I’ve ever set my eyes on.  The time he took to research this ‘theory’ and give us something that makes a whole hell of a lot of sense is just remarkable.  Sit down and settle it because this is a long one, but well, well worth the read!!! 


  1. Thanks so much for the link man! :) I just love that performance!

  2. Thanks for the link! Lost in Translation is high on my list as well. I had almost forgot how much I loved it.