Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fincher has a new man...

Take this waltz...
So things are moving along to bring us a new David Fincher film, and I’m on board for that.  Fincher is one of my favorite filmmakers and any new film from the master of his craft is certainly welcome.  We now have a leading man, or at least a prospective leading man.  Fincher has been seen around town with Ben Affleck, who is being courted for the lead role in ‘Gone Girl’.  Now, I haven’t read the novel, which has garnered quite a fan base, but I hear that the role is quite interesting so I’m intrigued by this.  Affleck isn’t really known as of late for his acting.  He’s moved into directing and is really seen as the current cross over, so this is kind of surprising to see him put his latest film, the adaptation of ‘Live By Night’, on hold to star in a Fincher film.  And then again, this is a smart move for an ‘actor’ because Fincher is hot right now and has a way with actors, even those that aren’t technically the best at their craft.  I’m wondering who the female lead will be, but for now at least things are moving along.

I will say this…if I were wondering the streets and saw these two walking near me, I wouldn’t be begging Fincher to take my picture with Affleck.  It would be the other way around.  The sad thing is, this chick probably doesn’t even know who Fincher was.



  1. I think Affleck is a capable actor, so I'm interested to see what happens with this film. Of course, Fincher is the main draw here.

    1. Fincher could work with Miley Cyrus and I'd see it opening night.