Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A look at 'Gravity'...

So here are the recent clips surfacing for the highly anticipated 'Gravity', due out in October.  I have to say, this looks incredible.  I've been high on it's Oscar chances for a while now, and have recently bumped it up to my predicted winner in the two main categories (Picture and Director).  This looks like such an event here, and the way that Cuaron has handled this long tracking shots is both exciting and nerve-racking.  I can see this garnering a slew of nominations, let alone wins.  The techs look out of this world, and I think if nothing else this has Visual Effects and Cinematography in the bag, with a huge lead in the Sound categories as well.  I'm still debating Bullock's chances here.  If the film is seen as more of a tech film, and Cuaron seen as the main hero, then I can see her snubbed, but she looks really in the zone here, and she is essentially the one face you'll see for the entire running length, so I'm starting to wonder if she's really going to be a threat for at least a nom if the film does as well as I expect it to.

Looks like waiting a year paid off!


  1. Man, I've been wanting to see this for years ever since I heard about the project. I really hope Chivo wins the best cinematography prize. He and Roger Deakins are the ones that need that Oscar more than anyone.

    1. Right now, I expect this to win Picture/Director/Cinematography/Visual Effects/Sound Editing/Sound Mixing

    2. That's a good guess. I'm still not convinced a sci-fi film will win Best Picture, but the Academy gave a fantasy film (and sequel) 11 wins. Who knows?

    3. Sci-fi itself is going to be the film's major uphill, and yet if the film becomes an event then I think it will steamroll it's way to the top.