Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trailer & Poster Break: The Spectacular Now

I wish I could embed this, but I can't so here is the link to the trailer for 'The Spectacular Now', a film that up until this very moment I couldn't have cared less about.  I mean, I was slightly interested in the Sundance buzz, but I am one of those who found nothing of note in Woodley's performance in that dreadful 'The Descendants' and have avoided her face for the most part, and while I'm a fan of Teller's performances in both 'Rabbit Hole' and 'Footloose' (only good thing about that terrible movie) I just couldn't muster any anticipation for this.

I'm sorry but this trailer looks all sorts of wonderful.  Teller looks amazing, Woodley looks touching and the whole vibe has a very light yet impactful presence.  It doesn't hurt that this is from the writers of '(500) Days of Summer', which is one of the best films of last decade and one of the best films to reimagine the genre as a whole.

Anyways, the poster and the trailer are both major YES'S from me.  I'm all about this movie!  It looks SPECTACULAR!  I want this NOW!!!


  1. I saw this trailer today, and I hadn't heard a thing about it prior to viewing, and I'm incredibly ecstatic about it! I wasn't a fan of the descendants either, so I'm looking forward to seeing Woodley in a role like this !

    1. I could see this getting showered with Spirit noms if it gets the reviews Sundance suggested. Miles Teller with any sort of nomination would make me a very happy man!

  2. It looks great! I'm in! :)