Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trailer Break: A Most Wanted Man

The video is hard to find, but apparently this showed at Cannes.  Watch it before it's taken down again.  I have to say, I keep underestimating this simply because I don't know much about it, and honestly I keep getting this confused with 'The Railway Man' and for the whole first half of the trailer I was waiting for Colin Firth to show up.  ANYWAYS, this looks really good.  I love it when Philip Seymour Hoffman restrains himself, and his accent work is really good here.  In fact, I was generally impressed with everyone's accent work, so bravo for them.  If this solidifies Rachel McAdams as a good actress and not just another fizzled blip of promise, then I'm all for it.  I also loved 'The American', so Corbijn is on my radar for sure, and Le Caree seems to the all the rage lately with primo adaptations of his work.  He even has promising director Justin Kurzel (of 'Snowtown Murders' fame) tackling one of his books.  I'm all for this one, and I have a feeling I should be considering Philip Seymour Hoffman in my next batch of Oscar predictions.  He looks very much Lead here, but I have a feeling he'll be competing in Supporting.  They have no problem demoting him when necessary, even when it's flagrant category fraud (he was Lead in both 'Doubt' and 'The Master').

So, what do you think?  Does this look as exciting to you as it does to me?


  1. I had to hunt down a new video, but it looks promising. I'm also a fan of The American, so I really hope this turns out well. Hoffman definitely looks like a supporting candidate, even if it might be category fraud. I think it's open to interpretation though. I consider PSH supporting in Doubt and The Master, but it's hard to argue that he's a legit lead in the films.

    1. He's one of those constant grey line actors ;-)