Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Musings…

It’s not just another week, but it is another MONTH!  May is over and June has sprung (okay, so that’s not exactly news considering that it is the third of June already).  It’s been a busy weekend without much movie watching to be honest.  It’s quite depressing since I was awaiting a Netflix movie that never showed up (my last film of 1957 before I can complete my Fisti Awards) and my plan to wrap up my Wes Anderson blind spots in order to complete his ‘visual career assessment’ failed.  One down, one to go; and you’d think that getting through ONE film would be easy, but with kids and a wife and weekend plans galore it is harder than it sounds.

So yeah, I had big plans for my Monday posts and nether one of them is happening today.  Hopefully this week; but only time and schedule will tell.

So, what DO we talk about this morning?  Well, I found out that Philip Seymour Hoffman had a drug addiction.  Like, how did I not know this?  I consider the man one of his generation’s greatest actors, and I’ve seen the bulk of his filmography and yet I know nothing of his personal life.  I hope this doesn’t sound insensitive, but I’m not entirely shocked by this.  Anyways, apparently he relapsed a little bit ago (heroin being his drug of choice) and recently finished detox.  I’m happy for him, that he was able to recognize the downward spiral and nip it before it took over.  Apparently he caught this only a week into using and checked himself into detox.

On a lighter note, could Penelope Cruz be out new Bond girl?  I love how Yahoo is reporting this and uses the headline “oldest ever Bond girl”, like that is supposed to channel some sort of controversy and get the world talking.  She’s thirty-nine.  Who gives a fuck?  She’s still gorgeous.  I don’t know if I buy this casting news quite yet.  Yahoo seems VERY confident in their sourcing, since they are reporting that she’s set to start filming next summer.  I’ll believe it when it happens, but as of now I’m for this.  She’s sultry and could totally nail that type of role.  That being said, I like the idea of the role of a Bond girl being a career launching pad for more unknown actresses, and if this pairing turns into another Halle Berry thing then maybe it would be best that she pass the baton to someone else.

Last, I had the pleasure of reading an interview with Will Smith that I just had to share.  I’m sure half of everyone interested in film has read this duel interview with Will and his son Jaden, but MY GOD you can’t make this shit up!  This interview is comedy gold, and not in an intentional way.  I’ve always known that Will Smith is one of the more conceited men in Hollywood.  I think the world knows that, but this interview takes it to a new level.  Not only does he come off as one of the most arrogant and self-absorbed individuals on the planet, but he sounds like an idiot.  Apparently we are the idiots though, since the intelligence of the Smith household is too advanced for our simple minds to comprehend.  I have this awful feeling that his son, Jaden, is going to grow up to be an even bigger douchebag than he is.

And speaking of douchebags, have you watched this?  

Like, I can’t decide who was more unprofessional and then again, it only serves to prove that Jesse Eisenberg apparently plays himself in every movie he does.  Romina was apparently upset about this, and she made a big deal of it after the fact.  I don't know, I mean, she seemed to take a lot of it too personally and seemed really out of her element so I kind of think she was to blame for the whole thing falling apart.  Eisenberg is obviously a very sarcastic person, and she simply didn't know how to take that.


  1. Honestly, I think Jesse Eisenberg played that pretty cool. Calling Morgan Freeman 'Freeman' was really stupid to begin with, but then I felt like she tried flirting with him, and when he wasn't having it, she got mad. Really unprofessional on her part. Even more so now that she bitched on her blog about it.

    That interview with the Smiths was hilarious. Jaden Smith has a face that is just begging to be punched. He's awfully smug and does not have the acting chops to back it up. Will Smith has been acting that way for years, I'm not surprised his kids are turning out to be as self-entitled as well.

    I was totally shocked that Philip Seymour-Hoffman was addicted to heroin. I never would've guessed that.

    1. LMAO at Jaden's face! I totally agree!

  2. I hope Hoffman comes out of this all right, and Cruz seems like a great choice for a Bond girl.

    That Smiths interview is just... what? I don't even know where to begin.

    The Eisenberg interview was fun. Sure, both parties could be criticized, but at least it made an interesting interview. I agree on Eisenberg playing the same character by the way. It works some of the time, though.

    1. The Hoffman thing surprised me and didn't. I'm happy for him in the sense that he seems to be really smart about the whole thing; realizing you have a problem and being open enough to admit it and seek treatment before it got out of hand. Apparently he's already bounced back and is on location filming his next movie, so YAY!

  3. Hi Andrew! Boy, that Romina chick is annoying, I don't even know how she got the job, I don't think she's very professional at all. I doubt she got the job based on her intellect or shrewdness in journalism, ugh! I mean, I'm not even a fan of Eissenberg, but after seeing the interview and reading her blog, I think he's actually trying to be polite to her!

    As for Will Smith, I refuse to see ANYTHING he's doing anymore. I mean he's just a so-so actor and now he wants to get his son to be a movie star too, blech, it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. What a douchebag!

    1. LOVE IT! Yes, I actively avoid all things Will Smith, which is sad since he had promise (and I still think Fresh Prince of Bell Air is one of the greatest shows ever)...