Monday, June 24, 2013

I'd take 'her' any day...

Talk sexy to me...
Well, Scarlett Johansson is climbing her way back to the very top of success, and this breaking news (alright, I'm a day late to actually break this) is only adding weight to that sentiment.  I've been championing her career resurgence for a while now, and with the success of 'The Avengers', her recent Tony win and the fact that she's resigned to work with auteurs on quality (seeming) vehicles, I'd have to say that the future is looking very bright for this young thespian.  Sadly, the news regarding her voice work on Spike Jonze's anticipated 'Her' comes at the expense of the equally under-appreciated Samantha Morton.  At least Morton has two Oscar nominations to her name, but quite frankly that girl needs more work.  She's one of the best actresses working today, and so seeing her name get X'd off the list and seeing Scarlett's name added is bittersweet.  Honestly, I'd rather hear Scarlett talk so I understand this decision and look forward to the film.


  1. This is great news (except for Morton)! Speaking of which, did you read about Russell Crowe's directorial debut?

    1. Holy WHAT?!?! Now I have something to Google ASAP!

    2. Haha. It sounds like an interesting project.

    3. Yeah, I just read up on it. Should be good. I hope he can direct half as good as he can act!