Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Five for the Fifth: My June Answers to Ruth's 5 Questions!

So I was really bummed last month when I couldn’t participate in Ruth’s ‘Five for the Fifth’.  Well, partially bummed since the reason I couldn’t participate was because I was sipping Piña Coladas on the beach on the fifth of May.  Alas, here we are on the fifth of June and I wound up having a meeting this morning and couldn’t get to my computer until just now, which means half of my day is gone and I’m only now getting to these questions and my answers.

LOL, so dramatic!

So, as per usual, Ruth offers us up a bounty of thought provoking questions, and I love it when I can get right into plowing away at my own personal opinions (who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?) so let’s get right into the first hot topic, and yes, it’s a controversial one in the cinematic world because, well, it’s about Marky Mark!

1)      What’s YOUR favorite Mark Wahlberg movie?  Will you be watching ‘2 Guns’?
So, this is so controversial because Mark Wahlberg is not necessarily a celebrity that I would call an actor.  I’ve voiced my feelings on this one trick pony before, and while I’ve enjoyed his presence in a film or two, I constantly find him a mediocre version of himself.  And let’s just say that I’m not a fan of him as a person either, which only adds to my disappointment in him as an actor.  Like, when does he NOT play a hot headed asshole from Boston?  Seriously.  If you think Jack Nicholson can’t play anyone but Jack Nicholson, you should watch five of Wahlberg’s movies in a row and you’ll be begging to watch ‘The Shining’.  Still, there was this one time when Mark Wahlberg was close to a Fisti Award nomination, and in retrospect it is one of those performances that I unfairly snubbed and would (on most days) go back and nominate; ‘I Heart Huckabees’.  Such a departure for him and proved that he has a decent amount of talent if the right director and script can tap into it.  Further proof of that statement is that he’s actually quite good in both ‘The Fighter’ and ‘Three Kings’, both of which are also directed by current Academy Darling, David O. Russell.  But it is ‘I Heart Huckabees’ that is not only his finest hour but also his finest film (that I can think of off the top of my head).  It is an inspired and highly hilarious comedy that actually reminds me of Wes Anderson in texture and construction and is my favorite O. Russell film by a pretty large margin.

Now, as to the second question, with regards to this 2 Guns movie…

Honestly, I haven’t even seen ‘Broken City’ yet, and I consider Russell Crowe a god, so there’s that.  I don’t particularly care for Denzel Washington either, and this concept has no originality to it.  Recycle, reuse and…err…I PASS!  I may watch this on TBS in five years when I have nothing better to do.

2)      Nolan is known for returning to the same pool of actors; who would you like to see added to it?

This is kind of a loaded question because it isn’t only asking who I’d like to see work with Nolan but really, who would I like Nolan to CONTINUE to work with.  I like the idea of a director giving much needed attention to actors who aren’t getting a lot of work.  I think it is great for good actors to branch out and work with directors with vision, and so Chastain and Hathaway and even McConaughey signing onto ‘Interstellar’ is a great career move, but one film is enough for actors who can work with whoever they want.  Why devote all of your time to one director when there are so many others to let mold you.  Lesser known names could use the exposure and the meaty parts.  That being said, I want Bruce Willis to work with Nolan.  After watching what Wes Anderson was able to do with him last year, I would kill to have Willis start working with auteurs and really get into this swing of great parts this late in his career.  Career resurgence!  Besides, he’s a perfect fit for Nolan’s world since action and science fiction are what his career was initially built on. 

3)      What are your thoughts on Mendes coming back (to direct ‘Bond 24’) and Cruz as the next Bond girl?

I kind of rang in on this Monday.  As far as Cruz is concerned, she’d make a perfect Bond, and while I did make a jab at Halle Berry, the writing this go-around has been far more insightful and exciting, so I’m not all that concerned.  My only qualm, if you could call it that, is that Cruz is a very well-known actress, and I kind of like my Bond girls to be up and comers.  It adds spice and allows for lesser known, hardworking actresses to get better offers.  Look at what it has recently done for Naomie Harris.  That being said, she’d be kind of perfect so I’m ok with this.

As far as Mendes returning, bring it the fuck on!  Sam Mendes is one of those directors who is pretty awesome at just about everything, and while some unfairly criticize him because of his early Oscar success (haters) I say BRAVO since Mendes has proved himself a versatile director who manages to insert the right amount of style and substance to set himself apart from the barrage of aimless directors out there right now.  I like the idea of having different ‘visions’ in the series (so far the three new Bond films have all had different directors) but that only worked for the best twice (‘Quantum of Solace’ was a bit of a mess) so bringing Mendes back makes perfect sense.  His vision works, and makes a BUTT LOAD of money!

4)      What do you think of this movie (Closed Circuit’)?  Does it appeal to you?

Now this looks rather impressive, and I love the cast.  I nearly suggested Julia Stiles to work with Nolan on question #2, so yay for this casting news.  I love that chick, and she doesn’t get enough work.  It’s sad.  I get a very ‘Fair Game’ vibe from the trailer, which was kind of like a TV style variation of those ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Oscar films, but this cast is impressive and the plot line (outside of the mandatory romantic backstory) looks intriguing.  Mostly, I’m in for Stiles!

5)      Are you excited about this show (Almost Human)?  Otherwise, what’s the TV show you’re looking forward to most this coming Fall season?

This looks like something all my friends will be watching and I’ll be staring at them looking rather stupid while they talk about it since I have no interest in watching it and won’t have any clue what they are talking about.

LOL, I can’t wait for the next season of ‘Top Chef’, which should hit us this Fall :-D

So that is all for this month.  I hope you enjoyed my participation Ruth.  Can’t wait for next month.  Don’t think I have anything planned on the 5th!


  1. 1. Yeah, he gives one of his best performances in Huckabees. I might see 2 Guns, but I'm not sure.

    It's interesting that your awards are final. I couldn't do it. If I see a new film or rewatch an old one, I have no problem updating my picks accordingly. Of course, they'll probably never be final that way. :P

    2. Bruce is a great choice! I'd love it. I misread the question, so I answered Michael Fassbender and Ethan Hawke. Of the two, I'd be interested to see how Hawke would fare.

    3. I agree on Mendes. I'm very excited about the next Bond film now. My only worry about Cruz is that she might take unnecessary attention away from the film, but she should be a great Bond girl, regardless.

    4. I'm in too. And yes, Stiles needs more roles.

    5. The only TV shows I'm interested in are Graceland and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Otherwise, I'll stick to TCM and ESPN. :)

    1. I look at my awards like the Oscars (I'm so important) and I just feel like they should reflect your feelings at the moment, and so that is also why I have quantity requirements (like how for any film post-1990 I must see 100 films from that year before the Fistis can be posted, and how any film pre-1990 must have 50 films...until you hit the 40's where I require 30, and that's mostly because I've seen so few that I can be extra selective with my viewings). I don't know, I mean, I rarely change my mind...but when I do it's never so strong a feeling that I feel I have to go back and revise (although I agree that my Fistis for 2003 are a bust mostly because of all the 'Finding Nemo' snubs in the tech categories!