Thursday, June 6, 2013

A day in the life of an actress…

So apparently Kate Winslet is pregnant.  I’m not sure how I missed this, since I worship her, but news dropped earlier this week and I’m late to this party.  Yes, insert all the jokes concerning her husband’s last name (that would be Rocknroll) because the combinations are endless and even legitimate considering that actors and actresses are notorious for naming their children horrible things.  Winslet hasn’t really gone overboard, although naming her daughter Mia Honey is a bit of a cringe moment, but her son’s name is Joe Alfie (I hate when people give their kids nicknames for actual names…why not name him Joseph?) and that isn’t all that odd really. 

Can I get another, please?
The biggest question though is, will this news solidify her threat for the Oscar?  I mean, it seems to be a trend with actresses.  You get pregnant, you get an Oscar.  I’m all for Kate having two of those golden bastards, so bring it on!

In other news, Sandra Burnhard turns 58 today.  Who doesn’t love this woman?  My wife fucking hates her, but I expect at this point for us to disagree on everything so I’m not fazed.  I’ll love her eternally for the crazy perfection she brought to Scorsese’s ‘The King of Comedy’ back in 1983.  

Seriously, she’s amazing.

In sadder news, Esther Williams has passed.  The name may not ring a direct bell, but scrolling through her filmography will certainly jog a few memories.  This former swimming champion turned actress worked with the likes of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra and made quite the splash in the 40’s and 50’s.  It’s always sad when we lose those faces of yesteryear that we grew so fond of. 

And lastly, in a bit of casting news, it looks like that whole ‘who will play Hilary Clinton’ scuffle is getting sorted out and the name Carey Mulligan is rising to the top, despite early word that Johansson, Chastain and Witherspoon were the top contenders.  Get your facts straight, bitches!  Apparently this was always between Mulligan and current ‘it girl’ Jennifer Lawrence.  Lawrence is too busy, so Mulligan is allegedly getting the gig.  I’m all for this.  I mean, who really gives a fuck about Hilary Clinton (I was partially interested a few years ago when Russell Crowe was rumored to be playing Bill Clinton) but Mully makes things far more interesting for me and so I’m getting excited for this.  She deserves another Oscar nomination for sure…and win is more like it, and the script was blacklisted, which is a good sign.  She’s a goddess, she can do no wrong, so sign me up for this!

I make everything better!


  1. Mulligan is a great actress, far better than Johansson in my opinion. I think she'll do well. I too, want Winslet to win another Oscar. Her speech was one of my favorites because she didn't try to pretend like she hasn't been dreaming of winning an Oscar since she was a child.

    1. Winslet is a goddess! LOL, I love how blunt she was all year about wanting that Oscar. Of course she does. I'm not even an actor, and I want one. To deny that you want it is to lie to the world :-P

      And yes, Mulligan is amazing!

  2. I'm also all for a second Oscar for Winslet, as well as Mulligan's casting. I haven't seen any of Esther Williams' films, but it's sad when a star of old Hollywood passes. The King of Comedy - I must watch that soon. Can't believe I haven't already.

    1. King of Comedy is one of my favorite Scorsese films! You MUST SEE IT!!!