Friday, May 24, 2013

Jane got a distributor...

Why can't I stop talking about this movie?

Pushing the door open, once again...
All the turmoil surrounding 'Jane Got a Gun' has been a lot of fun to report on because, well, it's like a trainwreck of epic proportions   Yup, the revolving door of actors walking in and out of this project has been hilarious to watch.  Portman and Edgerton have stayed put, standing by their film, but so many have come and gone that it's become exhausting to say the least.  I honestly wonder if McGregor will stay aboard, and I hope he does because he adds an element to the film I'm excited about.

Seriously, for a film I could have cared less about six months ago, this has become like my most anticipated film in forever just so I can watch it either triumphantly rise above the naysayers or dissolve into the biggest hot mess in the history of film.

Please be one or the other and not some horrid stroll down the middle road.

With all the bad news circulating this picture, it's rather neat to see that Harvey Weinstein has taken to backing the project.  It's not final yet, but it appears he's in final negotiations to handle the US distribution of the film, which could be a big deal for the film.  Maybe he's merely capitalizing on the fact that all this bad publicity is still publicity and the film is bound to make money off of people like me who are going to but tickets to watch it fail, or maybe the script really was as good as early word suggested.


  1. The film definitely got a lot of attention because of all the actors dropping out, shame about Fassy but I'll probably see it anyways.

    1. I'm intrigued by Ewan joining, and I'm wondering if Weinstein is interested in more than the mere publicity of it all. I'm hoping it's of quality, for Edgerton's sake (he deserves a real hit).

  2. Why can't you stop talking abou this movie? Because of very last word you wrote in your post.

    Yes, let's pray it's not middle-of-the-road.

  3. Weinstein's involvement surprises me, but I'm intrigued, nonetheless. Fingers crossed that it turns out all right.