Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scarlett's summer plans...

I love it when I can report on news that makes me happy!  As you are aware, I’m a huge supporter of the very talented yet largely underappreciated Scarlett Johansson.  I find her alluring and multi-faceted despite the media and her questionable film roles emphasizing her physique instead of her talent.  I’ve reported on her more recent film choices with anticipation (her work forthcoming with Glazer, Gordon-Levitt and Besson all sound exciting and potentially career resurrecting) and now I get to talk about  another decision of hers that I think will have a huge impact on her career resurgence; her directorial debut

It isn’t exactly rare for actors to take their seat behind the camera.  Ben Affleck is a very notable and obvious example of this, but we also have the likes of Angelina Jolie, Helen Hunt, Ben Stiller, Mel Gibson and even Sophia Coppola (if you could call her work in ‘The Godfather III’ acting) who have all done this.  Actors actually can make great directors because they work so closely with directors, and actors can make exceptional ‘actor’s directors’ in that they can manage to pull out some amazing performances. 

I can't wait to read this!
Now, I admit, Scarlett Johansson is not an actor I would have ever assumed would want to direct.  This isn’t to say that I don’t thinks he can pull it off, I just mean that I would never have thought she had the desire to do so.  What intrigues me most about this though, is that this is clearly a passionate project for her and it comes from an estimable source.  This isn’t some self-produced original screenplay that she wrote or an abandoned independent script or some dreadful YA novel.  No, she’s adapting a long lost Truman Capote novel (his first) that was initially trashed by the author and kept secret by the Capote’s old apartment janitor only to resurface at an auction and find its way to a publishing house in 2004!  Like, the story behind the publishing of the novel itself is fit for a movie (no, please, don’t switch gears on us).
Taking on the legend is certainly ambitious!

The story is of a young 17 year-old debutant who falls for a Jewish valet and decides to abandon her parents travels through Paris in order to be with the boy during a 1945 NYC heat wave.  It sounds like the type of material thought could either go very profound and artistic in the right hands, or very juvenile and ‘Nicolas Sparks cliché’ in the wrong hands.  I have no idea what kind of hands Scarlett has, but I’m rooting for her.  This could be an amazing debut for her.  She certainly picked a great literary mind to adapt, and it shows that she has serious taste, despite the fact that she’s starring in a superhero franchise (low blow, I know). 

So, I’m ordering the novel from Amazon today!  I’ll be reading this and then I can officially weigh in on whether or not this was a smart decision on ScarJo’s part, but I have a feeling I’ll wind up even more anxious to see her work on the film.

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  1. I'm intrigued by this news, for sure. Hope she makes a great film!