Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fisti Awards Update

Just a quick update, over on the 90's Fisti Awards page you can see my ballots for 1992's Adapted and Original Screenplay as well as all four acting categories!  Check them out and tell me what you think.


  1. Love that you have Reservoir Dogs' screenplay ranked so highly.

    My Supporting Actress lineup is currently the same. Nice to see Pfeiffer get the win. I'd give her a win for The Fabulous Baker Boys.

    Right now, my Supporting Actor lineup is close to yours, except I've got Madsen and Baldwin over Pollack and Whitaker. I really need to rewatch Husbands and Wives, as Pollack might sneak back in.

    Oldman's an awesome pick for the win. Washington is my runner-up behind Crowe. I take it you have Romper Stomper in 1993?

    Of your Best Actress top 5, I've only seen Howards End, so I've got a lot to watch.

    1. Lead Actress was the hardest category for me because there were so many performances I hadn't I made a mad dash this past month and saw a slew of films, including Indochine, A Heart in Winter and Edward II.

      Yes, Crowe is 1993 for me, and I'll let in on a secret...he's unquestionably my winner!

      I also give Pfeiffer the win in 1989. As of now, she has two Fisti Awards.

    2. Haha, I knew you had Crowe as your winner. That's why I asked about '93. ;)

      Yay! Two Fistis!