Monday, May 20, 2013

Damn those tweets (May Supporting Actor Predictions)

Who'll lose the Oscar this year?

My mind is ever changing on these Oscar categories, and yet enough talk is circulating at the moment for me to shake up my initial predictions, at least here (we’re always changing our minds in this prognosticating game).  Last month I predicted Damon, Farrell, Fassbender, Renner and Tatum.  I actually think all five have strong chances at a nomination, and will at least pop up in precursors and critics’ awards, at least as far as I can foresee now.  Still, with Cannes underway and tweets regarding performances from Roth, Brolin, Leto and Harrelson gaining momentum, it seemed ripe for a shaking up of sorts.

Besides, this kind of stuff is always fun.

So, to recap:

May Predictions:
Josh Brolin/Labor Day
Bradley Cooper/American Hustle
Matt Damon/The Monuments Men
Tim Roth/Grace of Monaco
Channing Tatum/Foxcatcher

April Predictions:
Matt Damon/The Monuments Men
Colin Farrell/Saving Mr. Banks
Michael Fassbender/Twelve Years a Slave
Jeremy Renner/American Hustle
Channing Tatum/Foxcatcher


  1. Fantastic job man! I need to give my predictions a facelift before the end of month.

    Interesting picks. Harrelson got similar praise for Seven Psychopaths, so I'm not sure it'll amount to anything. I'd love to see Tim Roth get another nod, but I'd hate for Farrell/Fassbender to miss out because of it.

    1. I still have Farrell and Fassbender high up there, but Roth has the whole Weinstein thing as well, and we all know what that means. Besides, being a former nominee and a 90's returning one at that is a big deal.

  2. Great list! I'm sure you'll be right with a lot of these. If Will Forte got an Oscar nomination, I don't know what I'd do. I'd be shocked.

    1. Thanks Brittani! I hope I am. It's early yet, but buzz is coming from all angles and it's making me excited. I only wish that Edgerton had a shot :-(

  3. Great predictions, Fisti! My thoughts:

    1) Tatum - He's a lead, but that doesn't particularly mean anything. But, I'm lukewarm on the movie now that I've read the script. He may deliver though.

    2) Cooper - I should probably be including him, but I don't find him a versatile enough actor. And I don't see the AMPAS nominating him him for just anything.

    3) Brolin - He should get nominated, but I read the script and, again, it pales in comparison to the novel.

    4) Roth - Bold! I love it! I have trouble being into this film outside of Kidman's chances until I see a trailer or something.

    5) Damon - I'm thinking he's a lead, but I haven't read book or script.

    But, all that aside, this could easily end up being the top five come next year!

    6) Renner - possible
    7) Farrell - possible. I'm thinking Hanks is campaigned as lead and cuts into his chances.
    8) Fassbender - strong possibility
    9) Leto - This film looks like a mess with only McConaughey being able to get in, but like with Grace of Monaco, need to see a trailer. Also, the actor has already altered himself in real life. He's super weird. Don't know how that will go over with voters.
    10) Ruffalo - possible, but I've cooled on the movie. Also, I wonder if Carell wil be campaigned as lead or supporting.

    11) Harrelson - Read the script. HATED it! But, let's see what he does with the role.
    12) Forte - He's in my top five.
    13) Bardem - Possible. Probably has better chance than Pitt. Cameron Diaz may be collecting all the glory for this film.
    14) Bruehl - I'm thinking he's a lead. Isn't this movie a biopic about his character?
    15) Hill - God, I hope not. :)

    1. LOL, I agree that Bruhl looks lead (at least from the synopsis) but if Hemsworth is also deemed lead I can see Bruhl getting the 'Casey Affleck' demotion.

      Damon is the villain, so I can't see him being Lead. Cooper, in my opinion, isn't very versatile either, but there is no denying that he is in demand at the moment, and that can mean a lot.

      Right now it's a lot of speculation, but at least we're getting some early word on who to speculate about.

      Foxcatcher as a whole is a project I have a feeling will see a big awards push. I mean, Miller has a great track record with Oscar.