Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can I get a trailer for this already?

Finally, we have some word on 'Under the Skin'!  I've been anxiously awaiting this film since early last year (I had Scarlett in my April predictions for Lead Actress) and with the push back to this year and the lack of any new stills or trailer or even clips floating around, I've been sadly growing more and more fearful that this was either never going to get released or was going to officially suck.  Finally we have some reactions from test footage and Empire has given us the link!

I'll quote it here:  

"A sci-fi tale by the director of Sexy Beast, starring Scarlett Johansson? This was always going to be interesting. This tease of Jonathan Glazer’s story about an alien in human form was crammed with interesting, eerie, unsettling images (naked alien men-babies cavorting underwater and through a field, anyone?), while Johansson – eyes wide and dark as lochs – seems to be a perfect fit for the director’s sensibilities. We can't wait to see what this thing is like. It’s described by Film4 as “part road movie, part science fiction, part real”. That may be as close as anyone can come to nailing it."

This makes me very happy!

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  1. Eagerly awaiting this one as well. I hope it gets a decent release.