Monday, April 8, 2013

Trailer Break x’s 4!

I was initially just going to post the new trailer for Asghar Farhadi’s (the director of 2011’s ‘A Separation’) ‘The Past’ but then I just kept finding more trailers I felt I needed to post here.  I mean, these are some big ticket films for this year so it’s only appropriate we take a crack at the images presented to us.

I’ll start with ‘The Past’ (for some reason I can't post the actual video here, but click the link for the YouTube page) since that’s what I wanted to talk about this morning.  I’ve been really anticipating this ever since seeing ‘A Separation’.  His last film was so entrancing and organic and beautifully devastating.  I have no idea what is going on in this trailer since there are no subtitles but the synopsis from IMDB helps clear up some  of the sequences going on here.  From a purely subjective point of view, I’m all for this.  As I mentioned, Farhadi’s last effort was a masterpiece of sorts and I really cannot wait to see how he develops this material.  The feel of the trailer is very much like the feel of that film.  The cast inspires a lot of confidence in me as well.  I’m still bummed that Cotillard had to pass on this, since she’s currently my favorite working actress (I’m sorry Kate) and I just want to see her in everything.  That said, I loved what Berenice Bejo did in ‘The Artist’ and so I can’t begrudge her this role.  Besides, it’s a great career move for her, taking on something with more heft and weight than just going for another comedic role.  Tahar Rahim was exceptional in ‘A Prophet’ (Fisti nominee) and he looks remarkable here as well.  All in all, I’m really excited for this one.  It could certainly play into this years Foreign Film Oscar race.

Next, let’s look at the latest trailer for that expected hot mess; ‘The Great Gatsby’.  

This looks so incredibly pulpy, I can’t help but almost get hot and bothered watching it.  Baz has always had a knack for creating theatrics that completely overtake his films (mostly to amazing effect) and it feels like he’s done it again here.  Some fans of the book are appalled at all the blunt references to the symbolism in the novel, but I’m totally a fan of Baz’s apparent exploitation of the novel.  He has such a unique vision, and I love the way he makes everything his own.  I’m also one of those who feels that what he did with ‘Romeo + Juliet’ was masterful, so obviously I’m all for breaking away from tradition and totally fucking with the source material.  Edgerton tears this trailer to shreds.  He looks amazing, and I’m hoping above and beyond all hope that he’s singled out as fantastic and picks up some Oscar buzz for this.  DiCaprio looks a tad tired and worn here, but Mulligan (freaking love her) is all gasps and wide-eyed wonderment so consider me sold.  This movie just LOOKS so beautiful I can’t help but want it to be everything I ever dreamed of.

How about we try on this ‘Carrie’ remake for size?  

I personally have been hesitant to embrace this idea from the beginning.  Ever since they cast Chloe Moretz as Carrie I made a face reminiscent of Cate Blanchett’s famed reactionary face to her ‘Golden Age’ clip at the Oscars.
Yeah, this one...
The girl is just annoying, and this trailer proves why I was so against this.  The smirk she gives when she moves the flag.  It all feels so pretentious and wrong.  The way she forces every introverted emotion in every scene is so overdone and obvious.  I said from the beginning that this should have went to Elle Fanning, and I think whoever pushed for Moretz should be taken out and shot (not really, but whatever).  I will love Kimberly Pierce forever thanks to ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, but this looks more ‘Stop Loss’ (complete garbage).  The trailer also gives EVERYTHING away, and despite Moore going all out here (she looks rather remarkable) I just see this as being to ‘on the nose’ to be anything more than unnecessary. 

And then we have ‘Rush’, a film that I’m currently thinking is going to be a big Oscar vehicle (no pun intended).  

This is Ron Howard, so it automatically gets me thinking Oscar, but it also has the added bonus of being something that looks and feels exciting.  This looks pretty impressive.  It also looks like Hemsworth will have a larger role than I expected so maybe he will campaign co-lead (still thinking he’ll go Supporting for the time being).  From a technical standpoint this looks pretty spot on.  The crash scenes, the slick editing (lock for a nom?) and the authentic feel of the film (people/place/time) really scream for attention.  I know that racing isn’t the most popular sport out there and yet, the lack of any real attention given it cinematically may make this a big player come Oscar.  I’m totally there, ASS IN SEAT!

So what are your thoughts?  Will you be seeing these films?  I’ll certainly see them all.  What are you excited over?  Do you think ‘Rush’ has what it takes to be an Oscar contender?  Do you think ‘Carrie’ looks as bad as I do?  Do you think the stigma hovering over ‘The Great Gatsby’ is justified?  HOW FUCKING EXCITED ARE YOU FOR ‘THE PAST’?!?!?!?!


  1. I'm skipping The Past trailer so I can see the film without any expectations. Also, I'm just going to wait for Gatsby in a few weeks. That way I can be as surprised as possible, even though I've seen the other trailers.

    Carrie looks BAD. I agree Moore looks good, but Moretz seems all wrong for the character. Though I liked her work in Let Me In and Hugo, I'm starting get on the "she's a bad actress" bandwagon.

    I think Rush is technicals only, but it does look interesting. I always thought Hemsworth had a leading/co-leading role. Supporting would make better sense for a campaign though.

    1. Hemsworth seems like the type that could squeeze into a light field if the film and he gets the right notices, and Leading doesn't look light. That said, he's a big name, so they may spin him as the Lead to garner more money.