Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trailer Break: Elysium

So, this broke yesterday but YouTube wouldn't let me upload it here so I figured I'd wait a day.  What are your thoughts on this?  I'm excited for it.  I loved 'District 9' more than I initially expected (not perfect, but clever and fun), and while this looks to be visually impressive, the more I watch it the less impressed I am.  When I first saw the international trailer I was intrigued, but this English version changes things a little for me. I can now read the title cards and it all seems very generic.  Like, isn't think how all sci-fi films tend to go?  Still, the visuals look great (this year is going to be insane in this category).  I'm hoping that this will flip the generic for a more insightful take like 'District 9' happened to.  Bloomkamp has a nice visual aesthetic and he certainly has a great feel for the material, so I'm hopeful despite the reservations raised by the trailer.

Anyone else find it kind of hilarious that Sharlto Copley still gets shafted from a title card despite being the film's primary villain and single-handedly spearheading 'District 9' and garnering excellent reviews and even some awards traction for the performance?

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  1. I think it looks good, but not great. I'm hoping it will surprise me. Yeah, I was sure Copley was going to get a title card after Foster in the trailer. Oh well.