Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thank you Australia!

So, as my readers probably know, I love David Fincher.  He's a fantastic director and has such range and vision, bringing himself to every film he directs.  That, and 'The Social Network' is still the masterpiece of this decade by a pretty large margin.  

So, with 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' out of the way and the sequels up in the air thanks to Daniel Craig's salary demands and the prospect of replacing him (stupid idea), he's been juggling the idea of directing Disney's remake of '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' and 'Girl Gone'; an adaptation of Gillian Flynn's hot new novel.  Well, thanks to our friends down under, it looks like we may be getting '20,000 Leagues' sooner than later.  Australia is reportedly paying Disney Studios 22.6 million dollars to have the film shot in Australia.  Looks like this is the funding needed to get this remake off the ground.  This has me really, really excited.  It is such a great idea for Fincher.  This type of genre flick can be really expressive and stylistic in the right hands, and Fincher has such a unique way of developing the 'look' of his films that I think he'll bring the right mix of emotional detachment/attachment and visual style to make this a standout piece.

Looks like he's courting Pitt for the role of Ned Land, but the role of Captain Nemo is up for grabs at this point.  I'd like to make a suggestion.

He's already made 'Master & Commander' and is in the process of wrapping up 'Noah', so he obviously understands his way around a sea-fairing vessel   Besides, he needs to work with some 'it' directors.  Aronofsky was a great stepping stone.  Now let him work with Fincher!


  1. I'm all for Crowe as Nemo, but I wonder what his standing is in the Hollywood community. Though Hooper and Aronofsky went with him, I'm not sure how he's viewed by most in the industry. With Ridley Scott not in his corner, it makes me question the chances of him getting a role like this. Still, I'd love for it to happen.

    1. Oh I agree. But...are Crowe and Scott on the outs? I thought they were good friends!

    2. I thought Scott wasn't involved with the film. So, I just meant that he didn't have Scott working on it, which would likely increase his chances of getting the part. But Scott is producing. Nevermind. :)

    3. Phew...you had me nervous. Crowe doesn't need to burn anymore bridges!