Friday, April 26, 2013

Sexy superheros and washed up treasure hunters: or two projects I'm super excited about!

Ok, so a few weeks ago I lamented over the career choices of Scarlett Johansson, one of my favorite actresses of the early aughts, but an actress who I've found to be slipping through the cracks so-to-speak.  It's like the industry forgot about her talent.  Well, despite my concerns about her choosing projects that exploit her curves, I heard some news this morning that has me really excited.  While I await ScarJo playing a sexy alien in Glazer's next film 'Under the Skin', we get to wait even longer to see Scarlett play a sexy superhero in...a film by Luc Besson?  Yup, forget another Marvel film (she's also doing two more of those), Scarlett has been chosen by visionary action director Besson to star in his next film, 'Lucy'.  In the film, Scarlett plays a young woman who is forced to work as a drug mule and winds up contracting super powers from it.  I know, it sounds totally bizarre and yet it also sounds really, really cool.  Besson has a scattered filmography, and yet he has directed some action staples.  If this is half as awesome as 'La Femme Nikita' then this could be a BIG deal for Johansson.

But there's more!  Another actor who I obsess over but who has all but fallen away from film in recent years is Jude Law.  In the early aughts, he was my acting obsession (alongside Peter Sarsgaard, who is also in need of a career intervention).  From 'A.I.' to 'Cold Mountain' to 'I Heart Huckabees' I was in love.  He could do no wrong, and then he got over-exposed and soon he was regurgitating half-assed performances and became a forgettable presence.  Then last year he delivered a nuanced and heartbreaking performance in 'Anna Karenina' and it seemed like a more mature and more layered actor was returning to us.

So, news broke that he'll be starring in Kevin Macdonald's new film 'Black Sea'.  The film features Law as a retired submarine captain who roped into a scheme involving a sunken sub and buried treasure.  Macdonald doesn't inspire as much confidence as Besson does, since he really hasn't evolved as a director yet.  Being a documentary filmmaker by trade, Macdonald has only made three films, and while 'State of Play' was a taught thriller and 'Last King of Scotland' won an Oscar (for the wrong actor), his style as a filmmaker isn't as pronounced as Besson.  Still, this sounds intriguing, and Law is seriously talented so I'm really excited to see where he takes this.

Needless to say, I'm excited.  These are two actors I'd love to see featured more prominently   They deserve better careers, and maybe this is a step in the right direction for the two of them.  


  1. Haha. When I read these news stories, I wondered if you'd cover them on the blog. :) I'm intrigued by both projects as well. They sound like two awesome films I can't wait to see.

    1. It felt so appropriate since I just wrote that piece on ScarJo's career. Hell, if she wants to play sexy aliens and superheros at least do it with intriguing directors in the films that aren't cheesy!