Monday, April 1, 2013

Poster Break: The Great Gatsby

I'm not going to lie, as hot of a mess as this film is sure to be, I personally cannot wait to see it.  I love the book, I love most of the cast and I absolutely adore the director, so this movie was tailor made for me and the Fisti Awards.  That being said, a slew of 'character posters' have now been released and I must say, I'm a tad underwhelmed.  I remember last year when we saw those dreadful 'Les Miserables' posters and my heart sunk (someone should fire the designer).  These aren't that bad, but these are far from great.

There is something about such extreme closeups that really should be banned in poster design.

So let's break these down one-by-one.

All I have to say is that I really hope he can wear a different expression in this movie.  I'm so tired of 'serious DiCaprio trying to fake seriousness'.  That being said, I'm not totally offended by this.  Despite his almost plastic complexion, the almost storyboard backdrop and the golden framed outer edges are a nice touch.

I don't get this much.  I love this character, and Lois Chiles was easily my favorite performance in the 1974 film, so I'm really excited to see what Debicki does with this character, but this is totally not what I expected to see and the deadness of her stare scares me a bit.  This just looks so lifeless and cheap. 

My current favorite actress of her generation, I'm baffled at how much Mulligan looks like Elle Fanning here. Not that that is a bad thing in itself, since Fanning is a very beautiful girl and another of my favorite working actresses (such talent in that kid).  Still, the youthfulness of this look is somewhat off putting  and while the composition of the picture itself is somewhat stunning, Mulligan looks a tad 'dumb' here.  It's one of the least offensive in the group (just wait until we get to the last two), but it just shows a lack of real thought here.

Now I'm just getting tired of staring at peoples faces, but I kind of love Edgerton's face so I'm ok with this I guess.  The background is plain lazy and evokes nothing and this has me wondering why they couldn't just go with a snapshot from the actual film of him yelling or something.  That said, I love that his face looks normal.  Maybe they are trying to differentiate him from Gatsby by making Gatsby more 'perfect' and Tom rather worn, but Edgerton looks fantastic from any angle and with every wrinkle so I'm glad the left him alone.  I see a little Russell Crowe circa 2000 here too, which has me really, really happy. 

Is it just me or does Fisher look like a washed up beauty queen here?  Like, she looks like she belongs in a trailer park and she's desperately trying to cling to her youthful dreams.  Maybe that is actually a good thing, for the character I mean, but overall this just screams cliched desperation.  I hate the pout of her lips and the hair and makeup are dreadful here.  I have high hopes for her performance (I'm so ready for her big break), but this has me worried.

We saved the worst for last.  Seriously, is this 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence'?  Am I seeing Gigolo Joe?  What the hell is wrong with Maguire's face?  Not only does this poster symbolize the one part of this film that rubs me the wrong way (Maguire in general is not a face I want to see in my movies) but it stands as one of the worst attempts at airbrushing I've ever seen.  Like, why are we airbrushing our actors now?  I thought we respected their wrinkles.  I guess I was wrong.


  1. I quite like the design w/ the art deco picture frame style, but the faces are way too photoshop-ed! Yeah, I'm tired of seeing the faces on posters too, unless of course it's say, Henry Cavill, ahah.

    1. I'm kind of a fan of the adds this gaudy touch of purposeful tackiness, but the lazy quality of the actual poster designs themselves is upsetting.

  2. Ha! That A.I. reference is exactly what I thought. Really, most of them look more like stills from a motion-capture animation film. Of course, I'm not a big fan of character posters to begin with.

    1. Yeah, they bug me. Just create a great, stirring poster that doesn't have a giant head on it...PLEASE!