Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poster Break: The Bling Ring

Never thought I'd say this, but thank you Perez Hilton for posting the teaser poster for Coppola's upcoming 'The Bling Ring'.  It's no surprise to my readers that I am highly anticipating this film.  I absolutely love the director and cannot wait to see what she does with this cast and the material.  Am I weird for thinking that this could be the more accessible and commercial 'Spring Breakers'?  Yes, I know that the subject matter isn't a complete match-up  but the themes presented seem to carry a similar weight, which is why I'm throwing caution to the wind with my predictions for this film's Oscar chances.  With the buzz and popularity of a film that has not a single shot at anything Oscar (although I will not be surprised to see Franco nab a few critics awards), I think that 'The Bling Ring' could be a happy alternative for the more reserved members of the Academy.


  1. Cool poster. I thought about it as alternative to Spring Breakers, but I'm still not sure it will be for them. I think it's less Academy friendly than Somewhere, which didn't connect with them.

    1. Somewhere came and went though. It was too indie. It never went wide and never got attention. This is already being hyped up like crazy and has more buzz than Somewhere ever got. This could be HUGE box-office wise, which will also bolster it's chances because it'll be talked about. Sure, if the reviews are mediocre and the film never goes wide and it makes no money, then this will get NOTHING, but Emma Watson is breaking out in a big way and is going to campaign like nuts for this. I have faith.