Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh where oh where have you been…?

Then you saw me, now you don't...

Brilliant debut...
Todd Field.  That name makes me happy.  Back in 2006 that name made me ecstatic.  ‘In the Bedroom’ was resting comfortably at my #2 spot of films of the DECADE (still there) and I had just finished gulping down ‘Little Children’, Tom Perrotta’s tragi-comic novel and was patiently awaiting (not so patient to be honest) Field’s film adaptation starring Kate Winslet, my favorite actress at the time.  Needless to repeat; Todd Field’s name made me happy.  ‘Little Children’ may not have been the masterpiece I wanted it to be, but it was VERY good and proved that Field wasn’t a one-trick pony.  He provided the decades finest use of narration (never has that gimmick felt to necessary and essential to the progression of the film itself) and he really used his actors to perfection.  He also took the same deft approach to grit and character development but was able to add a layer of gloss that made the film feel like a departure for him.

Since 2006 he’s done nothing.

This has irked me.  For a few years I was waiting for him to attach his name to something; anything.  In fact, so much time had gone by that I forgot about him altogether.  Sure, he still has a Fisti award for his marvelous work on ‘In the Bedroom’, and it’s a win that I stand by even today, but as for awaiting another film project from him, I just gave up.  I remember briefly having his name mentioned with regard to yet another western (yet another in reference to Hollywood trying to make this genre relevant again) but that obviously went nowhere.  That is sad since it actually looked to be an inspired take on the genre, and ink on Boston Teran’s novel is really, really good.

Then word breaks today (or at least I see it today) that he is currently adapting Jess Walter’s novel ‘Beautiful Ruins’.  Ink on this novel is apparently even better, although the small synopsis I read makes it sound generic and somewhat dreadful (please don’t play out like ‘Julie and Julia’).  Still, Todd Field’s name is attached to something, finally, and I can’t wait for this!  His work with actors is magnificent, so I’m excited to see who he picks up for this.  Anyone who read the book care to share their ideas for casting?  Should I pick this up?  I hear it’s a fantastic read, but I’m skeptical.  Hell, I’m sure I’ll read this eventually, but sooner than later?   


  1. Haven't heard of the novel, but I'm glad he's finally back in the game (assuming this project goes forward). In the Bedroom was terrific, and I agree that Little Children was very good, though a little disappointing.

    1. Yeah, I'm happy to see this happening. I hope it goes all the way. We need to see more of him.