Monday, April 8, 2013

Cooper grabs his gun...

"You said I aim straight at your movie and pull the trigger?"

I know that he has an Oscar nomination, but Bradley Cooper seems like such a step down from Michael Fassbender and Jude Law.  Sure, it’s not like Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal would be that much of an improvement on Cooper, but still.  Why is this guy so hot right now?  Alas, he’s the new villain in ‘Jane Got a Gone’, that doomed western that is still suffering the backlash of a thousand departures.  I was following this hot mess for a week or two before I decided not to care anymore, but here we are again wondering just how awful this is going to be.  Nothing about this movie outside of Edgerton evokes any confidence in me.  Not like I was all that stoked about Ramsay directing this (since I’ve only seen ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ from her filmography and that wasn’t all that wonderful) but she has a very distinct point of view, which I think could have served this genre well (something different, something new), and while I really liked ‘Warrior’, it’s not like O’Connor’s directorial style is all that compelling.  It’s kind of generic.  When this had Jude Law and Fassbender attached I was intrigued, but all of the fill-ins here are just so bland.  Still, it keeps popping up all over the place, so I’m at least reminded of how interested I am in seeing this film I’m otherwise so uninterested in.


  1. Haha. I keep forgetting Edgerton is in this too, so that's a plus. Though I'm not a big fan of Cooper, he really impressed me in SLP, and he's received a lot of praise for The Place Beyond the Pines. So, I'll bite, for now. (But, yeah, he's a big step down from Fassbender and Law.)

    1. I still need to see SLP...DVD comes out the end of the month so I'll play catch up then. Until then, I'm yet to be impressed with him.