Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Movie Reviews Page

Alright, so here we are in 2013.  It will take me well into 2014 to actually see all the films from this year that I so desire to see, but there is no harm in dumping all movie grades and reviews here on this page.  So, much like the page dedicated to movie grades for films of 2012, this page will be updated all year long (and next year as well) as I see more films.  The difference is that I plan on actually trying to give a review of sorts for every film I see this year, and so I will link those reviews on this page as well.  Just click on the icon on the right side of the blog and it’ll bring you to this page with links to every review I write for 2013 films I’ve seen.

Easy enough.

Number of Films Seen: 101

A+ (Masterpiece)
A (Nearly Perfect)
A- (Highly Recommended)
B (Definitely go see)
B- (I liked it)

C (It wasn’t all bad)
C- (It had potential)
D (The sooner forgotten the better)


  1. I would have to pretty much agree with the majority of your film rankings thus far.

    1. Thanks! I have so much more to see (it's always a slow start for me) but I'm getting on it.