Thursday, February 7, 2013

BAFTA Predictions...

So, Sunday is BAFTA.  I was going to wait and post these tomorrow, but I forgot I have a lot of crap to do and probably won't be around my computer.  So, that brings me to now and the fact that I have no idea what the hell is going to happen.  This will be the last precursor to give us any idea of what is going to happen on Oscar night.  BAFTA doesn't always line up, but it can give us an idea of who is getting last minute support (look at BAFTA wins for Cotillard, Swinton and Streep) so when you have a tight race this can be a determining factor.  They also like to award their own, so even in a not so tight race, you can see one of their favorites emerge as the victor (look at Firth).

So, what am I currently predicting?  I see Les Mis, Argo and Amour doing well here.  Les Miserables is the biggest British film in like forever and it is a technical marvel, so I see it taking home some big wins in areas where one may assume Anna Karenina or Lincoln could upset.  I also think it is taking British Film rather easily.  I know some think Skyfall could upset here, but Les Miserables made it into BOTH British and Best Picture races, so it's winning.  I think that this could be the start of the Haneke train.  Like I said before, Argo is winning Best Picture and so those checking that box on Oscar morning NEED to find an alternate film to honor in Directing.  I can easily see them rewarding Haneke here.  Sure, if they check the Lincoln box in picture then they'll be checking the Spielberg box in Director, but we're talking about those voting for Argo.  I don't think anyone thinks Spielberg needs a third directing Oscar, especially if they don't think his film is the best of the year.

So here are my predictions.  I included my alternates, as per always.

Best Film
Winner: Argo
Alternate: Les Miserables

Best Director
Winner: Haneke/Amour
Alternate: Affleck/Argo

Best Leading Actor
Winner: Day-Lewis/Lincoln
Alternate: Jackman/Les Miserables

Best Leading Actress
Winner: Riva/Amour
Alternate: Lawrence/Silver Linings Playbook

Best Supporting Actor
Winner: Waltz/Django Unchained
Alternate: Hoffman/The Master

Best Supporting Actress
Winner: Hathaway/Les Miserables
Alternate: Dench/Skyfall

Best Original Screenplay
Winner: Amour
Alternate: Django Unchained

Best Adapted Screenplay
Winner: Argo
Alternate: Lincoln


Outstanding British Film
Winner: Les Miserables
Alternate: Skyfall

Best Film Not in the English Language
Winner: Amour
Alternate: Rust + Bone

Best Animated Film
Winner: Frankenweenie
Alternate: Brave

Best Documentary
Winner: Searching for Sugar Man
Alternate: The Imposter


Best Original Music
Winner: Life of Pi
Alternate: Anna Karenina

Best Editing
Winner: Argo
Alternate: Zero Dark Thirty

Best Cinematography
Winner: Anna Karenina
Alternate: Life of Pi

Best Production Design
Winner: Les Miserables
Alternate: Anna Karenina

Best Costume Design
Winner: Anna Karenina
Alternate: Les Miserables

Best Make Up & Hair
Winner: Les Miserables
Alternate: The Hobbit

Best Sound
Winner: Les Miserables
Alternate: Life of Pi

Best Special Visual Effects
Winner: Life of Pi
Alternate: Prometheus

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  1. Solid predictions. I'd love an Argo/Amour split, which I think is a possibility at the Oscars too. However, I think Skyfall will win at least one BAFTA. It might take Sound instead of Les Mis.