Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Morning Tantrum…

I’m late to this.  I was going to post this yesterday and got sidetracked and so it’s today.  Whatever.  Anyways, I keep seeing the trailer for the movie ‘Broken City’, which I posted here a few months back.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, here it is:

Here’s my thing; this trailer once again reminded me that Mark Wahlberg shouldn’t be working so much.  I mean, there are just some actors who rub you the wrong way and Wahlberg is one of them.  I’m baffled as to his career and why it possesses such longevity.  The man has zero range and has an embarrassingly arrogant personality.  I’m sure to his friends he’s a great guy, a chum, and fun to be around, but from his interviews he comes off as an arrogant prick who is far too full of himself to think twice before he says something stupid.  Add to that the fact that he plays essentially the same character in every film he’s in and you have two reasons why Wahlberg’s career should have ended when The Funky Bunch parted ways.

I’m probably being harsh, but he’s just one of those actors who I never ‘got’ and continue to not ‘get’.

Now, I’m not negating the fact that he has been very good in certain roles.  I consider his performance in ‘I Heart Huckabees’ to be sensational and one of the biggest snubs in Fisti Awards history (more on that in another post) and I feel that he was exceptional in ‘Boogie Nights’, but even reflection on that performance highlights the lack of range in Wahlberg’s acting.

So here’s my challenge; watch five Mark Wahlberg performances back to back and tell me I’m wrong.  Tell me that he doesn’t use the same mannerisms, same accent, same overall approach to each character.  Tell me that he doesn’t play the hotheaded Boston wise guy in every movie.  Tell me that he doesn’t play himself.  Prove me wrong and I’ll be happy, because I hate hating on someone without merit, but Wahlberg just seems ripe for my hatred.  Even his joke of an Oscar nomination stems from a variation of the SAME PERFORMANCE HE GIVES IN EVERY MOVIE!

Maybe the world loves him because they know he could have single handedly prevented 9/11 from ever happening.


  1. Haha. He does play the same character a lot, but I think he's good at it, for what it's worth. I prefer his performances in films like The Departed, We Own the Night and Broken City over his work in The Fighter, Ted and The Lovely Bones. (I actually like his performance in The Happening, so I won't go there.) His performance in I Heart Huckabees is fantastic, but I'd nominate him for his work in We Own the Night, which feels like a more subtle approach to his character from The Departed.

    I agree that he comes off as arrogant. He's far from being one of my favorite actors, but I generally find him a capable actor (with limited range) at the very least.

    1. LOL, I was so tired this morning, I must have been extra bitchy or something. HA! I don't think that Wahlberg is 'bad' at what he does. His Boston hothead routine works for him and he pulls it off well in most of his films. It's just boring after a while. He can't do anything else. He was horrible in The Lovely Bones (and The Happening, but I won't go there). He just can't do anything else. You could string along clips from his performances in 90% of his films and you'd swear they all came from the same movie!

    2. Haha. That's so true about the movie clips!