Friday, January 25, 2013

Trailer Break: Night Across the Street

If you take a gander at my Fisti Awards for 2011 you'll see that I lavish Mysteries of Lisbon with many awards and nominations.  While not my favorite film of 2011 (it is my runner-up to Beginners), I find it to be a solidified masterpiece and one of the finest films I've seen in a very, very long time.  It was also my first experience with a film by the late Raul Ruiz.  I was under the impression that Mysteries of Lisbon was his final film, but apparently there was one more waiting for release; Night Across the Street.  This looks magical, full of the same wonderment and fantasy (etched in reality) that made Mysteries of Lisbon so extraordinary.  This looks just as vibrant and textural as Mysteries was, and I'm just in awe of the beauty I see in this trailer.  Between this and the Coen's return to form, 2013 looks to be an exciting year for film!

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  1. I've no idea what I'll think of this, but it looks intriguing.