Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trailer Break: Inside Llewyn Davis

So, the trailer is finally here for Inside Llewyn Davis and I couldn’t be more stoked for this.  The Coen Brothers are a directing duo I have grown to appreciate more than love, but when they hit the right strokes the do so in such a big way.  I’m less impressed with their more recent fare (I love their 80’s and 90’s work to no end) but this looks like a great amalgam of both worlds.  It holds that deadpan grit that they bring to their more recent fare, but there is a spirit here that calls to mind their more relaxed and effortless efforts from yesteryear.  This looks outstanding, and I have a feeling it could be a BIG player with Oscar this coming year.  Supposedly it is getting a December release date, which will bode well with Oscar.  Early word is that Oscar Isaac is killer in the lead, and this trailer highlight Mulligan (God’s gift to acting) in a way that makes me hopeful for her Oscar chances (“…and also because you’re an ASSHOLE!”).  I’m intrigued.  I can’t wait to see this. 


  1. This looks great! Not sure if it's an Oscar movie, but we'll see.

    1. I actually see this hitting pretty big with Oscar. The Coen Brothers are Oscar names now. I mean, even A Simple Man got a BP and Screenplay nom. Early word is great for this, and it looks like a return to their earlier work, so I could see this racking up some serious mentions. Either way, I personally CANNOT WAIT! This looks so much better than I thought it would.