Sunday, January 13, 2013

Globe winners, and thoughts...

So, I was out tonight and didn't get to watch these live.  In fact, I just finished them.  Wow!  Talk about some shocking wins (these are the Globes, so we can't take them too seriously) and MY GOD is Supporting Actor still a complete WTF.  Anyways, here are my thoughts on the night.
The Hosts:
Please let them host EVERYTHING!
 Supporting Actor:
What is going on here?  Oscar night will be a nail biter!

 Lead Actress (Comedy):
Yes, you did beat Meryl Streep!  Great humor, great speech...I was totally against you but you won me over!
 Original Song:
Stop hating Swift, Adele is ALL ABOUT THAT OSCAR!!!
 Original Score:
Great win!  Love Danna's work so I couldn't be more pleased!
 Animated Film:
That shit was lazy...
Damn shock is right!
 Supporting Actress:
So fucking it all, but please stop with the embarrassing speeches!
 Foreign Film:
LOVE THIS MAN!  So humble, so articulate and so deserving!  Get that Oscar!
Best Picture (Musical):
Momentum bitches!  LOL, not really, but this was pretty awesome!
 Lead Actor (Musical):
Deserved, despite the naysayers.  Heartfelt speech.  Too little too late?
I expected this, but seriously...this year is fucking weird!
 Lead Actress (Drama):
She wants that Oscar BAD!!!  Lather on the tears and empowering speech while JLaw jokes her way to an Oscar.
 Lead Actor (Drama):
Anyone else bored with this inevitability? 
 Best Picture (Drama):
Argo should be the Oscar frontrunner...but it's not.


  1. Yes! Let them host everything! Enjoyed these wins, except for DDL's win (yawn) and DiCaprio's loss (would've been a nice consolation for the Oscar miss).

    The Argo situation is bizarre, but I'm becoming more convinced that it will win the BAFTA and the Oscar for Best Picture. If the guilds go for it, I don't see it losing.

    1. And then...who wins Director? I don't see them giving it to Spielberg unless they go big for Lincoln, and O. Russell won't win unless SLP wins BP, so maybe...Haneke? Holy hell that would be amazing, but totally not going to happen. Right now I think that SLP takes both top honors...