Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DGA Nominees!

Hold me!  My predictions were correct.  Hooper was accepted by his peers!  Onto Oscar he goes and 'Les Miserables' lives on!

Oh yeah, and congrats to Affleck (my predicted winner), Bigelow, Lee and Spielberg.  I think this is our Oscar lineup.-


  1. Haha. Glad Hooper got in, even if he isn't in my lineup. I'm not sure about Argo. I was predicting it to win months ago, and it seems to be coming back around. Still think Les Mis can win, but Argo would be fitting (and preferable to Lincoln winning).

    1. I think this is Argo's to lose. Les Mis could win, if Hooper is nominated, but even then it would really need to sweep.