Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SAG Nominees!!!

LOL, no sooner did I hit 'Publish' on my predictions did I get a text that the nominees were announced!  So, here they are...and I did...kind of bad!!!
- Argo
- Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
- Les Miserables
- Lincoln
- Silver Linings Playbook
I got three out of five here, missing Silver Linings Playbook and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for Django and Moonrise.  I woke up feeling like my Django predictions were going to fail.  SAG members didn't get screeners and so I had a feeling they didn't get a chance to see the film.  Sadly, I went with my initial predictions and not my gut.  I thought that Silver Linings Playbook, being basically a three person show, would miss in favor of a true ensemble like Moonrise Kingdom, which I actually thought was doing well so far.  Sadly, it was snubbed entirely here.

- Cooper (Silver linings)
- Day Lewis (Lincoln)
- Hawkes (Sessions)
- Jackman (Miserables)
- Washington (Flight)
I got this one right.  I had a feeling that Phoenix would miss here.  I still think he'll get in with Oscar, with either Cooper or Hawkes missing. 

- Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty)
- Cotillard (R&B)
- Lawrence (Silver linings)
- Mirren (Hitchcock)
- Watts (Impossible)
I'm an idiot.  I woke up this morning, convinced that I needed to swap out Riva for Mirren and I just didn't do it.  I had a feeling that if Mirren was going to show up anywhere it would be here, but I WANTED Riva to get more traction and so I stuck with her.  The rest is as expected.  Wallis was not eligable, so she couldn't be here.  I'm wondering if she replaced Mirren at the Oscars, or if it will be Riva who does. 

S. Actor:
- Arkin (Argo)
- Bardem (Skyfall)
- De Niro (Silver linings)
- Hoffman (Master)
- Jones (Lincoln)
Well, McConaughey took a serious hit here.  He needed this to continue his traction this season.  He was doing really well, even winning NYFCC and landing on BFCA's ballot, but this hit is tragic.  Bardem was wonderful in Skyfall, but my bias towards him as an actor has me wanting him to miss with Oscar.  I know, I'm weird (considering that I may actually nominate him for a Fisti this year).  Hoffman was also a surprise for me, since I was banking on a complete Master shutout.

S. Actress:
- Field (Lincoln)
- Hathaway (Miserables)
- Hunt (Sessions)
- Kidman (The Paperboy)
- Smith (Marigold)
Well, I think this means that Barks is dead, unless she winds up being that surprise Oscar nominee that no one saw coming.  Instead, SAG went with NICOLE KIDMAN!!!  I haven't seen The Paperboy, but I hear it is polarizing.  Smith was expected from SAG, even though I don't think she's getting the Oscar nomination (at least not at this point).  Hathaway should win this in a cakewalk.  In fact, critics be damned, Hathaway should take all of the televised awards in a cakewalk.


  1. I think Phoenix gets in with Oscar too, with Washington getting the snub.

    Bardem might make your ballot? Yay! Going over my ballot recently I noticed the strangest thing: he's currently my Best Supporting Actor winner! I've only nominated him for Before Night Falls and Biutiful, so he might finally win one.

    McConaughey probably misses with Oscar, but Barks can still get Golden Globe and BAFTA nods.

    1. I think Hawkes is out.

      Barks missed with Globe, but I think she'll get the BAFTA nom...still, she's not getting in with Oscar.

      In looking over my current ballot, I just took out Bardem for Rogen, but I could put him back in. Still, he's at #5 at best. Right now I'm looking at:
      1) Daniel Henshall/Snowtown Murders
      2) Bruce Willis/Moonrise Kingdom
      3) David Rauchenberger/Michael
      4) Taner Birsel/Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
      5) Seth Rogan/Take This Waltz or Javier Bardem/Skyfall

      I don't see anyone dethroning Henshall at this point. What he does in Snowtown Murders BLEW ME AWAY and still gives me chills. He's easily my second favorite performance in this category this decade, right behind Nillson (King of Devil's Island).

    2. Yeah, Henshall was good but not that memorable for me. Surprised Willis is that high too.

      Psst, I randomly found your ballot on AD forums. I posted my current one there earlier this week (username "jrmoviedude"). I'm not on there much, but I like to skim through people's predictions sometimes. :)