Monday, December 3, 2012

NYFCC Winners

They are voting now, and this should take all day, so I'll be updating this post throughout the process as they announce the winners.  Best Feature First Film should be first, and may be here in the next ten minutes!


Well there you have it.  I did terrible here, only getting two correct and nabbing two alternates.  I totally underestimated Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty, and overestimated The Master and Argo.  Zero Dark Thirty has been gaining a lot of buzz lately.  This could be a true contender.  Also, what to make of the Hathaway and Beasts snubs?  I don't make much, since this is one award, but it's surprising.  But I must say, seeing Weisz win the Actress award may go on to be the highlight of this season for me!

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  1. Haha. Yeah, these are a crapshoot. Knew you'd love the Weisz win.

    I still think Les Mis takes Best Picture, but could Bigelow be a threat for a second Best Director win? Unless things become more clear in the coming weeks, we could be in for some surprises at the Oscars this year, both in nominations and wins. :)

    I'm not really surprised by the Beasts snub. As it turns out, Hathaway was very close to winning: